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  1. scutellaria

    Websites for forclosures

    im assuming youre looking for potentially squattable properties not to buy a foreclosure: look for tax records in your county. depending on where you are, it might be online. otherwise youd have to go to town hall or the county clerk. either way its public information.
  2. scutellaria

    Cool hobo jungle in Weed California

    not for long now that its on the internet
  3. scutellaria

    How has life on the road been since Covid 19?

    no shit we prolly left new york around the same time. ive noticed and heard some trains are kinda just getting mashed together. like two symbols into one, im traffic mixed with manifest. and i read an article that ns is gonna keep doing that. which also goes with psr: less trains for longer...
  4. scutellaria

    Camera gear to bring on a trip

    sometimes i steal a disposable camera from walgreens
  5. scutellaria

    Getting your bike on the train

    me and my friends all ride with bikes. i travel full time.or whatever w a bike. i usually ride with a simple fixed gear bicycle but i have a bmx right now. honestly i usually ride my bike straight into the yard (i can ride a full size bike with skinny tires on most anything except really loose...
  6. scutellaria

    What are you listening to right now?!!!

    the same stuff i always listen to: crust, country and rock n roll mostly. country radio, anti-schism, lucinda williams, bonnie raitt were the last things i listened to. i have a very wide range of taste and interest but i always end up outtin on the same stuff
  7. scutellaria

    sober travellers roll call

    also one of my best friends just moved to philly for school and theyre a sober ex traveller. im sure theyd be willing to be put in touch with you if youd like
  8. scutellaria

    sober travellers roll call

    yoo whats up. ill be in the northeast for a few months working till new years then heading to warm places. i super feel you. its tough and feels super lonesome sometimes. i was travelling with a close friend all summer who is not sober and its was tough having to set boundaries and i really...
  9. scutellaria

    Your favorite books?

    Mutant Message Down Under - marlo morgan The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test - Tom Wolfe The Way of Zen - Allan Watts -- these three books i read when i was like 17 and 18 and were kinda like the first exposure i had to ideas about living and consciousness, etc that were different from what i grew...
  10. scutellaria

    Resources For Trans Folks On The Road?

    i feel you i had an orchie last year so i will fuckin cut a bitch for my estradiol (kidding)
  11. scutellaria

    PA is sealing 30 million criminal records

    i usually think of pa as a pretty fucked up place politically/socially and then once in a while they go and do shit like this that is really fucking rad. could go a lot further but its more than most states.
  12. scutellaria

    Resources For Trans Folks On The Road?

    hmmm i think maybe st james infirmary in sf buit im not sure that they actually can pay for your scripts. they primarily focus on sex workers but i think will help any trans people that come in. is there a reason you cant get on medicaid? what state are you in? have you tried fenway in boston...
  13. scutellaria

    Hey here.....what's up....

    travelling is a great way to find places you like! there are so many places to go that so many people like for so many different reasons. and then sometimes that changes and you want somethinng different. thats why we travel. good luck.
  14. scutellaria

    sober travellers roll call

    hell yeah. its oogle cat! i wonder if our friends are some of the same people?? you should def come!!! either way, stay in touch, maybe well find ourselves goin the same way at some point! yeah ive been fortunate to find some awesome people and have had the fortune of getting sober in the...
  15. scutellaria

    sober travellers roll call

    hell yeah it makes me really happy to hear from all you folks. @Koala i definitely can relate. i deal with a lot of "outside issues" from the perspective of my fellowship, but the lit says "liquor is but a symptom". which to me means, if your addiction leaves you in a hopeless state of mind and...
  16. scutellaria

    Resources For Trans Folks On The Road?

    theyre all managed by like different regional groups, kinda like franchises. ive always had to start over at different pp's, but its incredibly simple and quick. i get a script at the initial appointment. just tell them youre already on hrt and have been prescribed at another pp clinic...
  17. scutellaria

    Average daily distance with loaded touring bike

    i was thinking of this thread today and just wanted to post about the ride i did because i feel pretty fuckin good about it. i rode 50+ today from clifton forge, va to roanoke, va in about 6 hours with breaks. plus some more riding when i got to roanoke (and still have to ride to the store and...
  18. scutellaria

    sober travellers roll call

    words if i ever fuckin make it to cincy (still stuck in clifton forge....) im definitely gonna go to a meeting or two. youre welcome to come if you like.
  19. scutellaria

    sober travellers roll call

    totally. when i first got sober, i learned like youre either helping yourself or youre not and i was around people who really emphasized time sober. or maybe thats just what i was picking up. either way, when i was ready to stop using again after my relapse, i kinda weened myself off my harder...
  20. scutellaria

    Greatest backpack ever made?

    i have an rei pack right now (traverse 65) thats alright. theres some stuff i dont really care for about it - its kinda too....complicated. wayyyyy too many straps and buckles and all kindsa crazy shit i honestly get kinda confused sometimes when i think about packing up quick or accessing...
  21. scutellaria

    grey man/anonimity

    it was also like 4 in the morning lmao
  22. scutellaria

    grey man/anonimity

    haha yeah its great, people usually just think im a homebum. also if someone gives me shit, i just say im on bike tour and like rail road stuff. most people dont know the difference between bike touring gear and train riding gear. they just see a bike. once though my buddy and i got off in...
  23. scutellaria

    sober travellers roll call

    my names cassie, im a sober addict and alcholic. im currently travelling through appalachia toward cinicnnatti then south to nola. i just celebrated a year back in march and was sober for like 5.5 years in a 12 step program from 20-25 but relapsed really hard for a few years. im still a member...
  24. scutellaria

    sober travellers roll call

    so ive seen some other posts about folks in recovery travelling, but i thought itd be neat to have a thread where sober folks can just check in and meet each other, connect and give us an idea of how many of us there are. isolation is such a huge part of addiction for me so even just having a...
  25. scutellaria

    grey man/anonimity

    i travel with a bicycle and lemme tell you, not many people suspect you to be a train rider if you have a bicycle regardless of what you look like or whether youre on rr property. even other kids usually think im some local, esp if i dont have my pack on. also i rock a denim jacket and with...
  26. scutellaria

    show us yer fashion

    why not - convenient gas station mirror. and this is pretty much how i dress whether im travelling or not. except sometimes i wear a dress. which i also sometimes do while travelling.
  27. scutellaria

    Where do you leave your backpack when going into a store?

    youd never see your shit again let alone the light of day if you did this in the states
  28. scutellaria

    Across America bike trail

    holy shit this would be so coollllllllll
  29. scutellaria

    Best spots for a van dweller in NYC?

    house shows are very rare in new york anymore. there are almost no currently running diy spots anymore. squatting is very rough here and youre lucky if your spot runs for a couple months. park in maspeth queens around rust st.
  30. scutellaria

    Wanting to live life on the rails

    being able to take shit from people for being new is a good skill to have
  31. scutellaria

    Bootleg Street Medic

    studying technique, anatomy and conditions is super important but hands on learning and experience is an absolute must. so is humility as a medical responder. find people to be dummys for you, find other folks to study and oractice with and run scenarios with. seek out trainings and all...
  32. scutellaria

    I'm heading out for the first time this Wednesday

    i did it almost 10 years ago, but i think it took me something like a week from the bay i think, including prolly three days stuck in sac. once youre past sac its pretty, but a lot of it is just kinda desolate, little traffic, some not so friendly folks. i did get there however. i walked a...
  33. scutellaria

    I'm heading out for the first time this Wednesday

    heads up hitchikinnto yosemite is a bitch and a half. and hitchiking in the central valley (or just being in the central valley imo) generally fucking sucks
  34. scutellaria

    7 drug overdoses over 10-hour period possibly linked to fentanyl...

    News & Blogs 
    also, shit, look at the introduction of alcohol to indigenous people by european settlers. thats the original example of using substances to discredit, dehumanize and destroy people that are in the way of the settler colonial project. and the parallel to that, is the forced assimilation and...
  35. scutellaria

    7 drug overdoses over 10-hour period possibly linked to fentanyl...

    News & Blogs 
    a lot of cowboys essentially functioned as mercenaries to kill indigenous people, terrorize them and drive them off their land. again, look into manifest destiny and the history of the "american" west. ever heard of the childrens game "cowboys and indians?" or john wayne? edit: to be clear, im...
  36. scutellaria

    7 drug overdoses over 10-hour period possibly linked to fentanyl...

    News & Blogs 
    @Brodiesel710 theres plenty of info out there so ill just give you some places to start: cointelpro and the black panthers & AIM, the beginnings of what is now known as planned parenthood and forced sterilization of indigenous women and enslaved africans, forced breeding of enslaved africans...
  37. scutellaria

    7 drug overdoses over 10-hour period possibly linked to fentanyl...

    News & Blogs 
    also folks, a lot of needle exchanges carry fentanyl test kits nowadays!!! and if your dope (or molly) is brown and you see white flecks, that is fentanyl!!!
  38. scutellaria

    7 drug overdoses over 10-hour period possibly linked to fentanyl...

    News & Blogs 
    the fucked up thing is this isnt even dope. this is cocaine. ive also heard of fentanyl in meth in recent times. but yes always do a tester. however, in regards to that and the issue of "properly" cutting the drugs with fentanyl, fentanyl is so strong that a dose in the microgram range can give...
  39. scutellaria

    i gave everything up for a man,after talking with him for 1 mth now second thoughts

    if you have to be homeless, go to the bay. tons of gay people, tons of gay homeless people, tons of reaources for gay homeless people, etc etc.
  40. scutellaria

    i gave everything up for a man,after talking with him for 1 mth now second thoughts

    this is a textbook example of abuse. like to a t. isolation, insecurity, demands, keeping partner financially dependant, control by fear, demanding sex, every single thing you mentioned. leave asap and be safe and call people to let then know you are leaving. shit get him drunk and steal his...
  41. scutellaria

    cassie - long time listener first time caller

    heyy been thinking abt coming thru richmond this summer! also i saw youre a courier. i work as a messenger in new york part of the year thank u! appreciate the welcome
  42. scutellaria

    Resources For Trans Folks On The Road?

    if anybody wants more resourced for hrt info and research, feel free to pm me.
  43. scutellaria

    Resources For Trans Folks On The Road?

    also wondering if everyone is aware of the severely overstated/in many cases lack of need for anti-androgens with proper prescribing of estradiol. the wpath, the standard most doctors use, isbwhere we get the regimen of heavy spiro, light estradiol. this is sctually really harmful and is also...
  44. scutellaria

    Resources For Trans Folks On The Road?

    also in regards to medical care, california actually has the best medicaid for trans people. i know for trans women, its the only place (maybe theres one other state but indont think so) you can get hair removal covered on medicaid. and have heard that new mexico is another one of the best...
  45. scutellaria

    Resources For Trans Folks On The Road?

    it does also apply to t. theyre made in the same solutions. usually some type of alcohol (i think its usually benzyl) and then a very thick oil. what i do is usually keep my vial, in the box with all the thick instruction pad thingys and maybe some toilet paper or injection supply wrappers for...
  46. scutellaria

    Resources For Trans Folks On The Road?

    hands down best place to establish medical care is portland. i had the most competent hrt orescribing doctor, free hrt, got a free orchie in like 6 months, and the healthcare is just off the chain
  47. scutellaria

    Resources For Trans Folks On The Road?

    all you trans girls who are new to travelling, please feel free to pm me with quedtions snd ill donmy best to get back to you. ive been travelling for a while now, have lived sll over the country and have learned a thing or two. i also have advocated for myself a lot in terms of heslthcare snd...
  48. scutellaria

    Resources For Trans Folks On The Road?

    yeah get someone to pick up the scriot and mail it. also depending on your insurance, some chain pharmacies will fill your script wherever. i had my scripts filled in oregon when i was on medi-cal. also theres always inhouse pharmacy, a grey market site where u can buy hrt much chesper than...
  49. scutellaria

    The dumbest assholes you've seen on the rails/road

    i was in worcester last summer hangin out under that bridge by the ms worcester diner. i see this other kid a ways down from me like milling around very obviously, makin noise, etc etc when theres no strings blocking the yard. i was just chillin, napping and listening to the scanner, and marking...
  50. scutellaria

    How many pairs of clothes do you take with you on your travels?

    find cheap deals at used spots or rack them used or new