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  1. Luke Erie

    DIY Leather Knife Sheath

    Nice. I like the leg tie too. Makes me want a good larger knife.
  2. Luke Erie

    Hey I'm new here

    Greetings from Ohio!!
  3. Luke Erie

    Roof Top Tents

    I was thinking about getting one for the Jeep. Instead, I decided to build an off road camper trailer. The project is going well but, without a doubt, it would have been easier to throw a tent on the roof and peace out. I wanted a small camper trailer for cold weather and security. Plus I can...
  4. Luke Erie

    o HI o

    Hopefully I will see you there someday. Just follow the weed smoke and look for the tie dye dude with 3 irresistible doggies. That'll be me! Enjoy that nice weather while you're there! If you come north...bring me some sunshine
  5. Luke Erie

    Slab City Library Time Lapse Video

    I'm glad you decided to share. Love seeing any new video from Slab City. Thanks!
  6. Luke Erie


    Welcome Bro! I came to the same conclusion a few years ago. I'm here in Ohio, hoping to head out your way sometime next year and avoid the snow. Maybe we can share a campfire someday. Cool looking dog!
  7. Luke Erie

    o HI o

    No kidding! It was 8 degrees here last night. Sitting by the fire with my doggies - making soup. I sure miss sitting on the beach in the keys. Hoping to head to the slabs or somewhere warmer next year.
  8. Luke Erie

    o HI o

    Dude, that's awesome! Thanks! Glad to meet you too. My real name is Luke and I have lived just south of Lake Erie my whole life.
  9. Luke Erie

    o HI o

    Thanks! Good vibes received. Lol Silent Bob until you get to know me. Then I'm all... "motha motha fk! motha motha fk! Noise, noise, noise. Who smokes the blunts? We smoke the blunts. 15 bucks, little man, put that sh*t in my hand.
  10. Luke Erie

    o HI o

    Hi all! I've been browsing STP for a while now and love it! I'm so greatful for all the information and experiences you all have shared. I'm here in Ohio for the winter and planning/hoping to start travelling again next summer. I'd love to find someone to travel with so if you're bored or...
  11. Luke Erie

    I need friends :)

    Hi from Ohio! I'm new here too and love it. Tons of info. I'm planning a trip out to your neck of the woods for next fall. Just wanted to say hello. If you ever wanna chat I'll probably just be sitting here waiting for the snow to melt. Best of luck with your adventure!!
  12. Luke Erie

    Rubber Tramping all over the USA

    Hey Kev! Like your videos on youtube. I've always wanted to do sort of the same thing. I'm currently working on a small camper to pull behind my Wrangler. I would just use the jeep like you did but need the extra room for doggies. Good luck and stay safe.