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  1. Felix Rivers

    Gear you need for hitchhiking.

    I just don't wear shoes. Stopped aboutb8 months ago and have hard soles now and will never have ti buy shoes again :) having said that I havnt tried to do this in the snow. Thats pribably a different story. I do carry some very light shoes with me sometimes though as bars, airplanes, ferries etc...
  2. Felix Rivers

    No longer who ive been

    Maybe try going to some rainbow gatherings? I dont know what they are like in the states but I went to my first one last year and two consecutive ones since and they have been amazing for me. Similarly to you, I found myself needed to find likeminded people, people who were less involved in...
  3. Felix Rivers

    Decade on the road- this is what I got to show for it...

    Beautiful man. Loved the song a lot. You make travelling america look beautiful and meaningful.
  4. Felix Rivers

    Street theater

    Thats interesting, a puppet theatre is something ive never seen nor thought about making. Ive been dreaming of being part of a travelling troupe of performers and musicians. Ill be getting a loop pedal soon so could even imagine being able to create enough sound on my guitar to support...
  5. Felix Rivers

    Greetings from down under! Spoilt brat completely not ready for the unknown!

    Come to the rainbow gathering near nannup. Its on atm, started a week ago, about 20 people so far from what I've heard. Im with another group of 20 whove been making our way across the nullabor from the east coast and due to arrive at the gathering in two days. If youre looking to get out of the...
  6. Felix Rivers

    Crusty by Choice or Consequence

    Can you explain the zip lock method of washing? Keeping clothes clean on the road is something im yet to perfect so a new method is appreciated. Im guessing you put clothes soap and water into a zip lock bag and... shake it around? My favourite method so far for washing is to find a creek and...
  7. Felix Rivers

    Homeless Man Arrested For Living in 15-Foot-Deep Man-Made Cave

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    Yeah my thoughts exactly, thats a lot of dirt to move! And the people that found it and told the police are sad, live and let live right. You gotta wonder about structural integrity too, how stable was this thing? Id be pretty scared of it caving in. And what happened when it rained a lot...
  8. Felix Rivers


    Ive thought about a vasectomy before and did a fair bit of research last year on it. I found some horrifying accounts of enduring pain after the procedure. Apparantly 1% of guys who get it done have pain so bad that they want to off themselves. And it never goes away and no one knows how to fix...
  9. Felix Rivers

    Whats the deal with Rainbow Gatherings?

    I dont know what its like in america but I went to a gathering this year in tasmania, Australia and it was sick. Having said that I am quite open to spirituality so a lot of what happened didnt phase me much. I was worried before I went that everyone would be these fake ass hippie...
  10. Felix Rivers

    injuries? who's got stories?

    Continued: 26 months on and I just finished a 3 month stint of travelling for the first time since the injury was sustained. Feels so good to be free again! I still have some trouble, I have to be very careful I don't over do it and im still not very strong but its always getting better and I...
  11. Felix Rivers

    injuries? who's got stories?

    These are some pretty crazy stories you guys have! My worst injury actually left no visible marks. About 2 years ago I got rsi (repetitive strain injury) in my right arm. Was working one day when all of a sudden I noticed my hand was swollen, next day I couldnt move my arm above my head and...
  12. Felix Rivers

    5 months in the land down under

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    Aw well I won't be round otherwise I could give you a little tour! In terms of recommendations, check out the North Head to the harbour (it's technically called Sydney Harbour National Park I think..) If you take the fairfax walk at the very point of the head and jump of the path and explore...
  13. Felix Rivers

    5 months in the land down under

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    man that's awesome! Seems like it was really easy to hitch here (I live in Sydney), i haven't tried but definitely want to now. Also, you mentioned that people call dumpsters bins but at least in Sydney everyone i know says dumpsters and dumpster diving. Thanks for posting!
  14. Felix Rivers

    Street Boy

    From memory, Searching for Sugar Man isn't quite true. It paints a picture of Rodriguez as this dude who made some sick albums and had absolutely no luck with them whilst being screwed over by the company that held the rights to it. This is almost true, however he did actually tour twice in...
  15. Felix Rivers

    Interesting read on potential healing properties of sex and drugs

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    Stumbled upon this article today about the ability for sex and drugs to be used as powerful healing tools, provided particular intentions are used in conjunction. It follows: How Sex and Drugs Saved My Life (and Could Save the World) Sex and psychedelics are two of the most powerful tools...
  16. Felix Rivers

    The feeling when undiscovered

    Was dumpster diving once when an employee came out to throw shit in a compactor and hose down a section of the floor. My friend and I were hiding behind a can collection box, moving around it as he would hose the floor, always keeping the box between us and him. It felt like 5 minutes of that...