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  1. lotlizard22

    Storm Area 51 Event 9/20/19

    Pretty sure it was set up as a joke but I'm probably going just to check it out: "ref"%3A"29"%2C"ref_notif_type"%3A"plan_user_associated"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"%7D&notif_t=plan_user_associated&notif_id=1562832504086921&ref=m_notif
  2. lotlizard22

    Anyone know Rocky?

    From LA I think. Passed through Soledad, CA about 1 week ago. Headed to Oregon. Maybe around 30-40 years old. Long beard, white.
  3. lotlizard22

    Anyone know Jeb from LA / northwest

    About a month ago was in soledad ca heading to salinas ca. His name is Jeb. Said he was from the northwest or la i think.Carried about 50-75 lbs worth of gear. Said he might be headed to Sacramento . White guy, probably 5'9" -6'0", beard. Carried an axe/hatchet on his shoulder.
  4. lotlizard22

    Anyone know Poe and Gretchen - Hitchhiking Duo

    A year or 2 ago I picked up a guy and girl hitchhiking in Salinas, CA. They were headed to Las Vegas. I think they were coming from San Francisco. I wanted to travel with them but I had responsibilities. I'm almost positive he said his name was Poe and I think the girl said her name was...