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    cannabis-induced psychosis?

    Ever done some research? I wanna slap you just for bringing this up... Here ya go.. Keep calm and stop spreading rumours...
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    News & Blogs England : Fuck S144, Prosecution of Camden squatters collapses

    ASS - stands for Advisory Service for Squatters, its UK based help for squatters kind of Anarchist Black Cross ...
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    News & Blogs England : Fuck S144, Prosecution of Camden squatters collapses Just check the link, no need to copy paste...
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    QUESTION : European in USA

    Querying a search proved to be a difficult task... like searchin for XXX the movie *ehem*. so to the point... I have a few questions if they have been answered before please forgive me, but here it goes. 1. Has anyone from europe/or anybody knows someone from europe who got caught...
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    News & Blogs One time in a police station... Our house... Audacious squatters have set up home in an abandoned police station. The 15 east Europeans entered the boarded-up building in Norbury, and told officers who arrived five...
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    Cop run-in stories

    A rather long one but... Was opening a new squat. It was mid december and a blizzard.Got inside the building,secured the door, got the rest of the crew in and started dismantling security alarms/sensors, accidentaly we triggered the alarm, so the alarm system was thrown out to the skip on other...
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    Photos Squatted industrial unit London

    Apart that you seen that one photo of a building with an adress, which i took out. From where can you assume that those bags are from that place? I can get a shedload of bags of any company, they just leave boxes on the street. Just chill... + we had court already, waiting for notice from...
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    Photos Squatted industrial unit London

    Got a new greenhouse... if anyone is interested....
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    Featured Stupid things the cops have said to you?

    [Background] Camden High Street (Camden Market, London) a massive punk/goth/alternative clothing, piercings etc shop/market/venue borough, also every shop sells bongs, pipes, grinders etc etc... if you have ££ you can become instant punk or whatever...the place is crawling with tourists from all...
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    Featured Stupid things the cops have said to you?

    Well this is not a stupid thing "said" but stilll... found this in one multiflat building we were squatting.
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    Long distance bike attempt

    Remember you cannot go on Highways(Autobahn) and on 2ndary highways(in some countries), that said, your journey might end up in some extra km's, plan the route ahead and good luck.
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    leaving behind

    MFB basically nailed it.. more or less what i had to say. Had similair situation when i was in my last teen years...
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    Photos Squatted industrial unit London

    UPDATE: As title says... 3 weeks later 4 days after opening a guy in his late 20's with a suite came, said nothing... 6days after openinga woman owner came, had a small talk... took our number 7 days...
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    News & Blogs One of the biggest London squats evicted

    A little background info... My 2cents... from couple of years of constant visiting friends living in the place id say the number of people living would be close to 150+ if not 200, cause in the last...
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    Photos Squatted industrial unit London

    thanks, never occured to me... :)
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    Photos Squatted industrial unit London

    Here is our new squat 2 floors office space ... ~3000sq ft... and massive warehouse space... just settling in a place. Will update later.
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    MUY IMPORTANTE!!! California Homeless Bill Of Rights

    Don't cling onto words, you knew what i mean perfectly
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    MUY IMPORTANTE!!! California Homeless Bill Of Rights

    Wow, im not from US but this is definetely interesting and important, thanks for the share. Aphter reading this, did my share of googling. Bill is controversial and i kind of have mixed feelings about it... the PROS, ofcourse are the PROS, but i kind of see schoolkids dropping out etc etc just...
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    Do you really like to hitchhike?

    Couldnt have said bettter...
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    Saint Malo, France in June.

    There is absolutely no hasslein getting a free ride across.People pay for the car, not the passenger count.
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    Hitch hiking to Croatia

    Wtf man? Where is it known? What are you talking about? Hitchin in europe is a bliss... Back to topic.. From my own and friends experiences : very warm, helping people, just small coastal towns are very overpriced. You have chosen good time to travel,as summers tend to be too hot..
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    Russia - Trainhopping and language school question

    Like Mihail i am originally from a neighbouring country, born in soviet union to be exact. I have the same advice, wouldnt want to fuck around being from western country without the language. Russians in general are very warm people, ready to go out a million miles out of their way to help ya...
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    Waystation in the Algarve

    heh, its madness... A lot of people i know are now in Portugals south doing what you guys are or squating long forgotten mountain/desert establishments its becoming epidemic :D but if you will still be there i'll definetly drop by
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    Squats/must see places in Europe

    I see your route goes along main highways... maybe it's just me, but there isn't much to do in Marsellie... too many pakistanis, gutter punks and junkies in my opinion.
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    UK squatting law change

    How did it go? i've got the text couple days ago about it but completely forgot...
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    UK squatting law change

    Because of assholes like you who loots the places they squat, copper pipe and cable strippers soon enough we will see squatting completely criminalised...
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    Any advice on going to Europe? Can you be houseless traveler as in USA?

    Netherlands scene is still up and running, even better than before. Cause all the wanna-be squatters who only went there for weed is gone. People just got their shit together and now squatting bigger places with 50 people involved not 5 like couple of years ago... London haven't changed ...
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    passports, do they check em on the train btwn countries in w. europe? AND not paying for train...

    for food dumpsterdive etc...i never have a single penny but i always have food and booze, there are plenty of ways to get around. If ya want to meet for a drink or smth sometime PM me or text 07727831977.
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    London Meet-UP

    Well my number is stated in the posts above, since i dont check this site often anymore.
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    London Meet-UP

    gonna be here till 2012 May, if anyone is in the area gimme a text to 07727831977 i can find you a place to crash either at my squat or other
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    For those of yu in Yurop

    yeah, but be careful not to get your ass kicked by bidla/moroz (bald headed, tracksuit wearing redneck hooligans) east europe is infested with that shit. Otherwise Ukraine is a nice country in Semfiropol (courort city by the sea) you can get a shot in the most expensive bar for as less as 0,5eur.
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    The N-Bomb

    EDIT: didn't read the CXR1037 post, would have just quoted it but here you go, my piece of mind... Why does wearing a DK etc patch subject you to be racially tollerant etc? Praise the lord cause im a sinner (joking) but im most racially/religious/etc intollerant/xenophobic little fuck you gonna...
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    Mental breakdown...

    What do you guys do to keep yourself away from mental breakdown ?... I'm in such state that if it keeps up i don't know whats going to happen, for the last weeks i'm in a Misanthropic / uncontrolable anger / trying to pick up a fight wherever it's possible / pure hate for everything, just don't...
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    London Meet-UP

    I'll have that in mind...might pay you a visit if you could provide some crash space. Well in my home town temperatures in winter fall down upto -37 so im quite used to harsh cold weather :)
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    London Meet-UP

    From 2011 09 21 i should be back in London for the winter. Anybody wanna meet up ? PM me here or text 07727831977 upwards from that date :)
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    Disturbing evening encounter in Amsterdam

    In 2010 July, me and my 2 friends (a guy and a girl) we're sitting on a curb near a channel, behind queens mansion in Amsterdam, smoking joints, drinking beer. It was a nice afternoon and suddenly an elderly couple and another elderly lady approached us. They all were in buisness suits, old guy...
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    Worst traveler freakout you've seen?

    Oh the irony... i practically never rode a bike in Netherlands thrue the whole years, cause i was shitfaced 24//7 and all my atempts would end up in injuries. I still have scars ...
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    eastern europe asap

    Im currently back in Lithuania, gonna stay here till september. So if ya want to visit drop me a PM, i could arrange sleeping place for you etc... we have quite an underground scene.
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    Hitch-hiking at Gunpoint

    Friends had similair experience. Boarder patrol ordered a truck to drive them thrue whole Slovakia to Budapest.
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    Electronic music anyone?

    I also like electronic music... Happy Hardcore, UK Hard, Hardcore, Frenchcore, Terrorcore, Breakcore, Dream Trance...
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    Photos A squatted village

    Been to couple of good rave'es in that village. Thanks for reminding :)
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    Different summer

    This summer is going to be different from others for me, things turned for me completely unexpected. I've been on the road since 05 settling down in different places in Europe at different times of year and doing traveling at summer, but not this time. Came home after more than a year for 2...
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    My fastest hitchin trip ever

    From London(UK) to Vilnius(LT), 7 Countries,1300miles/2100km, 26hrs, 3 cars, 1 truck, 150eur kickdown. I started at 1AM in London, somewhat 20mins later a car stoped... what do you know it goes directly to Maastricht(NL). The driver was an ex-squatter, bought me beer and cigs, we had a lovely...
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    Bad Experiences with Rides while Hitching?

    these did happen to my friends. 2 friends were hitchin home (80mile distance) sudenly a car stoped 4 drunk men jumped out of the car, beat the shit of them and drive away. Aphter half an hour same car with only a driver came back(the driver didnt beat them) he said he was sorry for his drunk...
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    Trip to London

    it was 10.06.14 early monday morning, a friend gave me a goodbye present, small bag of weed. I got my backpack from my parents home, met my traveling partner Monique with her german shepard dog, got some vodka and was siting on the side of the highway sipping beer, in 5min we got our first ride...
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    You're up meet up? (Europe)

    If anyone wants to meet up in London im here since august and will stay till summer 2011, my number 07727831977
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    If anyone wants to meet up im in Amsterdam till end of July, my phone number +37064872918 (text only), since i don't like to sit in the library
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    dover, uk sucks

    This time it will be a challenge for me and my road mate, because we'll have a ~80pound german shepard friend with us