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  1. townes

    What to be wary of?

    I have gotten a few creepy/sketchy rides despite my gut feeling telling me that the person was completely harmless. There is no technique that will work to screen out 100% of the creeps out there. If you hitch long enough you will run into unsavory characters eventually, guaranteed. The most...
  2. townes

    lighting a fire in the WET!!

    Best natural kindling is birch bark. It will light even when wet. The natural oil in birch make it so. Birch grows mostly in the north USA. Best man-made kindling is dryer lint! Collect it from laundromats, ball it up and store it in your pack.
  3. townes

    What are your experiences like hitchhiking in Alaska?

    Yes, Patagonia! I met a few people on the Dalton that were doing the whole Pan Am highway from Prudhoe to Tierra del Fuego. Some even bike the distance. Incredible. Most start in the South so I met folks that were ending their journey. I will definitely hit you up for some tips of I get down to...
  4. townes

    What are your experiences like hitchhiking in Alaska?

    Whoa ....Weird coincidence: in my last reply I almost wrote something along the same lines- that when I die I would like my remains committed to an certain spot in AK. I caught one of the state ferry to Kodiak in 2018. It was fairly cheap- like 50 something dollars one way. 12 hour journey...
  5. townes

    What are your experiences like hitchhiking in Alaska?

    yes, Goodfellas! Correct. I really like that scene. I'm sad to say that I have never been to Costa Rica but it is a dream of mine for the past year or so. I started reading about the country and became obsessed completely. I picked up that phrase in my research and I guess that I just feel a...
  6. townes

    What are your experiences like hitchhiking in Alaska?

    Hitching out of Anchorage is actually something I never had to do because I have family and friends in that part of the state. If I had to though I think I would try to fly a sign to Girdwood. I feel like if you make it to Girdwood then anywhere on the Kenai should be easy. But Anchorage to...
  7. townes

    What are your experiences like hitchhiking in Alaska?

    AHhh yes, the Brooks Range! Pura vida. Love it. Much respect to you for making it that far north. Not many travellers go up that way! I spent a lot of time up there on the Dalton circa 2014-15. I could spend all summer near Atigun Pass and be happy. Prudhoe is what the moon will look like if...
  8. townes

    What are your experiences like hitchhiking in Alaska?

    Bungus: I had a similar experience to you. I lived and worked in AK for about 5 years. Best hitchhiking scene in the USA, IMO. Of course I would caution people that you should still remain vigilant when hitchhiking in AK. Dont let the ease of hitching in the true North fool you into a state of...
  9. townes

    The modern american liberal

    Well put. You have articulated the feelings of many people in re: to the toxic effects of identity politics. As a white person I have learned that whenever the holy trinity of the terms "person of color" "cis white male" and "cultural appropriation" come into play during a conversation it's...
  10. townes

    Treating fentanyl OD

    Fentanyl never used to be a huge problem because the only way to get it was to cop the patches. Now, what people are saying is that Chinese manufacturers are doing fent and fent analogues shipments into the us and canada. The fent analogues are even more potent and they are cheap as hell...
  11. townes

    Featured What They Don't Tell You About Having A Road Dawg (Or Cat)

    I think it's a good idea to have Acepromazine on hand for a road canine. It's basically doggie Thorazine. Available by prescription only, allegedly. BUT I'm sure it can be picked up from some online vendor considering it's not something that anyone in their right mind would take to get high...
  12. townes

    Are Osprey backpacks really worth it?

    Fact: every osprey pack has a chest strap buckle that doubles as a whistle. Go ahead, see for yourself. Go on.
  13. townes

    Featured Photos From one squat to another through the countryside

    that is incredible! I've never left the US but I have met a lot of Swiss travelers. The conclusion I have reached through conversations with these people is that the Swiss really take care of their citizens. And that is why they can have nice things like this squat. They can put up a sign...
  14. townes

    grey man/anonimity

    ^^^scrubs are a great idea. The ultimate costume is the UPS uniform. Yes friends, I speak of "the brown." Those poo colored slacks and jackets open many doors. They're just hard to find is all.
  15. townes

    News & Blogs Taos detainees talk addiction

    Do you ever notice that every single article written about heroin in the last 10 years makes an obligatory reference about how cheap heroin is compared to pills? every damn time I read about dope in the paper it's: OMG HEROIN SUCH A DEAL. SUCH A BARGAIN. SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN PILLS!!! I can't...
  16. townes

    Hi I'm Jake and I don't wear shoes, ever.

    I'm curious- what is the reason behind traveling barefoot? How does this enhance the traveling/life experience? Why go through the trouble?
  17. townes

    Hi I'm Townes

    ^^^all good, thank you
  18. townes

    Hi I'm Townes

    Ever find yourself browsing this website at 4am cuz your workaday workadad lifestyle is giving you the blues? Hello everyone. My name is Townes and I try my best to live with the seasons- a simple life. Alaska is the place I call home. I'm working my way back there now... Currently in Utah at...
  19. townes

    News & Blogs This Island Is Offering A House And A Job To Anyone Who Has The Balls To Move There

    According to the Tasmania Govt Parks Facebook page- "this opportunity is now closed." Oh well. I am always on the look out for these type of postings. My only problem is that I'm not handy.... And these people always want someone who can fix a generator, repair electric wiring, etc.