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  1. Hopper87

    Anyone ride motorcycles?

    I have had many great motorcycle trips from ND over the last few years. Million Dollar Highway in Telluride, CO area; Tail of the Dragon road and Cherahola Skyway in TN/NC (including one night at KY Bike Rally in Sturgis, KY on way back); ride to Maine including 5 hrs in downtown Manhattan...
  2. Hopper87

    Anyone ride motorcycles?

    Here's my Raider loaded up during MT Beartooth Pass trip.
  3. Hopper87

    Anyone ride motorcycles?

    I have a Yamaha Raider cruiser and it was fun to hit the open road. Took it on east coast tour from ND to Maine, NYC, Washington DC, and other trips to Montana, Colorado, etc., but I was always passing by interesting unpaved roads up into mountains and such. Broke down and bought KLR650 dual...
  4. Hopper87

    What's the shitiest place in the US y'all have stayed?

    Was wondering what was so terrible about Fargo, but I guess you trust the opinion of a guy who gets banned!
  5. Hopper87

    Featured Photos Wisconsin to Montana Freight Hop, Hi-Line Subdivision

    Great trip report! Hoping to duplicate much of your journey on the Highline this summer, so it provided valuable info. Thanks!
  6. Hopper87

    Video Crouching mountain lion, hidden bear

    Great pics of your journey on IG. Will continue to watch your progress.
  7. Hopper87

    Anyone ride motorcycles?

    Plan this summer is to ship motorcycle to Spokane and trainhop to pick it up and continue trip back through Montana returning home.
  8. Hopper87

    Anyone ride motorcycles?

    Pack up and hit the road! Lots of great places to see and experience!
  9. Hopper87

    To Bindle or Not To Bindle

    Some interesting content out there about how to make a bindle and what to carry in it, but I think I will have to pass. Will stick with more standard backpack option.
  10. Hopper87

    New guy with BNSF Highline plans.

    Thanks! I have a KLR650 and enjoy the off the beaten path journeys, as well. Sounds like a fun way to spend winter.
  11. Hopper87

    New guy with BNSF Highline plans.

    Looking forward to reading the info and stories shared on here to learn more for summer trip from Minnesota to Washington.