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  1. dumpsternavel

    Yancey Slade Marcum (Rapist)

    I have also talked to Crusty P (the actual titled artist) and they only add "the white boxes" when playing with guests. Yancey was apparently just a guest at this time, and they wish to no longer be affiliated because at the time Yancey could not even deal with AFAB folx without kreepin'
  2. dumpsternavel

    Yancey Slade Marcum (Rapist)

    Posted something on Facebook today warning people, since I saw this asshole actively online for the first time in years. I recently re-integrated back into facebook, which is why I was not aware he was still active on public social media platforms until last night. Either way, here we go!! He...
  3. dumpsternavel

    Knife or Multi tool, what do you carry on your belt, or in your pack?

    Also* I met a man in the circus that always carried two gerber multi tools on him. Because he figured he'd lose one, and apparently they have a warranty.
  4. dumpsternavel

    Knife or Multi tool, what do you carry on your belt, or in your pack?

    Both are preferred. Personally, at my best (small tool wise) I was carrying two different multi tools, and two different knives. All of the above for their own reasons. Was this overkill? To some maybe, but I had my reasons. If finances weren't an issue, I would have had one multi-tool, two...
  5. dumpsternavel

    Y’all teach yr dogs to walk on one side?

    Walking my dog, is like steering a horse. Having both of my hands occupied most of the time while travelling on foot (water jug in other) i've been able to train with sensitivity to which direction I pull. Sometimes more abruptly, but she's caught on extremely well. If I have her leash in my...
  6. dumpsternavel

    How Slow/Fast do you let your clock get?

    Yaknow, I've never liked wearing things on my wrists.. Personally, i've always preferred to shy away from screen time.. So, keeping "time" can kinda fuck off. The only time it ever mattered was when I was heavily in the system. With a job, and school, and personal plans with others. On the road...
  7. dumpsternavel

    Maston Ray Mountz AKA Breakfast

    @WanderLost usually isn't an appropriate question to ask publicly, that's for sure.
  8. dumpsternavel

    2020 Jambo-Stream!

    Wow.. I say, why not! Adjusting to the circumstances makes sense. I think for those that have the capability to engage may definitely enjoy themselves. Unfortunately I most likely wont be able to tune in, because I'll be on the road.. but who knows.
  9. dumpsternavel

    So, what ya'll think about having kids?

    Save the Earth, don't give birth!
  10. dumpsternavel

    COVID-19 Concerns and Voting Poll

    I think it would be wise to obstain for now..
  11. dumpsternavel

    Best place to go during Covid?

    During the pandemic, I'd say the forest, or the woods.
  12. dumpsternavel

    Seeking Help Needs Research StP HQ / Punk Rock RV Park

    How many acres, roughly are you imagining? I'll be exploring the options of Idaho fasho
  13. dumpsternavel

    A low down on basic rehandling of tools..?

    Well, awesome!! I would appreciate if some people would bring knives with them that are easy to whittle with. I can provide everything else, such as snand paper, handles, tool heads, wedges. After the workshop is over, and people have some ready to use tools, I'd be happy to allow anyone who...
  14. dumpsternavel

    A low down on basic rehandling of tools..?

    Hammer, and axe heads are not "broken". They are simply without a handle. Two separate pieces, always. Until wedged together. Nope, not too much effort for me. I'll be in a vehicle, so it's not like I'll be lugging a bunch of tool heads in my pack for all y'all. I'm literally talking maybe, 5...
  15. dumpsternavel

    A low down on basic rehandling of tools..?

    So, I've been volleying around the idea of hosting a workshop of rehandling basic tools. I.e. hammers and such of that nature. Thinkin' I'll try to grab a few heads at a flea market or something. And grab a few handles from whatever hardware store that has close enough sizes. Eh??
  16. dumpsternavel

    what are some questions to avoid asking people you meet traveling?

    "What do yer tattoos mean?" "What's your "story"? "Can I buy your dog?" These are general annoying ass questions that you probably shouldn't ask any kind of stranger.
  17. dumpsternavel

    Protecting a train riding dogs hearing

    Here's a question for those that have hopped trains with a dog long-term. I know that many railroad workers are prone to hearing loss.. and I know for a fact, that I definitely have grown to like riding freight with ear plugs in. So, why wouldn't I try the same for my pooch? Out of all of the...
  18. dumpsternavel

    Glassblowing setup available in WA

    Hello, all. I've been storing a basic glassblowing setup for the last 3.5 years, and I haven't been able to use it almost at all since I began travelling.. This entails a gently used GTT Lynx single flame torch, with a graphite attachment. Has two quick connect hoses for oxygen, and propane. A...
  19. dumpsternavel

    Jamboree Meal Planning!

    Can I volunteer to help do dishes??
  20. dumpsternavel

    Shiva Dupelle/Siva/Chris Michael Castillo/Pippin/Pippie

    I've crossed paths with this individual once in San Diego almost 4 years ago.. This warning has been going around for atleast the last three years. Sad to hear he's still out doing the same shit. What a sicko.
  21. dumpsternavel

    LGBTQ shelters

    It's a matter of trying to create a "safe space" for people of those identifying factors. LGBTQ youth have no other designated areas to feel this way. Legally, at least- because they are minors. Or, were recently, and have not been able to get involved in gay bars, or whatever is most...
  22. dumpsternavel

    Hi all, green thumbed greenhorn here

    Hello, and welcome! I always appreciate a green thumb.. luckily I've been able to hone in on my skills in regards to that through more travel! I'm sure it will be the same for you. Understanding train yards, and whatnot can be pretty technical. Though, don't get too intimidated. I've met plenty...
  23. dumpsternavel

    Rejected Adding rail-miles to profile.

    I can't stand motherfuckers that throw miles, or trains ridden in my face. Who fucking cares.
  24. dumpsternavel

    I'm Felix, hello everyone!

    Where are you starting in NC, and where are you headed?? Welcome, Felix!
  25. dumpsternavel


    Yeah, I met a kid named Gravy with an Amtrack tattoo under his eye. I believe he had a dog, and blonde hair. Real smiley. I ran into him twice within the last couple months. Last I saw him was in NOLA, about a month ago.
  26. dumpsternavel

    Video Train hopping across Romania with a Korean Kickboxer

    Damn!!! Was really a joy to watch. Naturally I watched the second half as well. Fucking rad documentation. Y'all seem like fun characters!! Hell of a first route to take your friend on freight! Thanks for sharing your experience!
  27. dumpsternavel

    How did you get your road name?

    I think there is great power in being able to name yourself. Most people never know what it's like, to have a damn choice of title. Or people that respect it. But here, I'll give you this. I decided to use dumpsternavel as a screen name when I began dumpster diving regularly in Salt Lake City...
  28. dumpsternavel

    green and tryna get acquainted

    Go check out Wooden Shoe Books on South Street, in Philly. Unfortunately based on the current social climate, with the 'rona and all, I'm not sure it will be open.. but, last time I came threw they were having a queer comedy night there for free, and I had a great a time.
  29. dumpsternavel

    Featured In time of plague; riding freight and roaming

    You are a great writer! Thank you for sharing, and taking the time to upload some much needed, wholesome content these days. I'm feeling rather lucky that I have a friend to stay with through most of this frantic climate that society is going through at the moment.. I'm glad you are doing will...
  30. dumpsternavel

    Austin Squat - seeking advice and interest

    Can vouch for @danidatx ! What she's doing/trying to do is fucking rad, and so is she. Would definitely wanna get involved with this project further if I was in the area..
  31. dumpsternavel

    Hello from Canada .. !!

    Welcome! Glad you decided to say "hi!" You got it, have fun on yer journey.
  32. dumpsternavel

    Seeking Help Needs Research StP HQ / Punk Rock RV Park

    So willing to through down on this. Currently been in Tucson, AZ. Rent is cheap here, and there are some awesome community resources, and a real active punk/diy/anarchist scene. Maybe within a stone throw of Tucson would be worth looking into for land? Definitely a hub for travellers, as well.
  33. dumpsternavel

    Hola comrades! It' s me, the new one

    Welcome!! Would love to check out Berlin sometime..
  34. dumpsternavel

    Event Punk Rock Bowling 2020 - May 21st to 25th, Las Vegas, NV

    Fuckin' A, man.. The line-up is damn good this year. Tempting for sure. It says $220 fee for teams of 4.. You think that's in addition to the $160?
  35. dumpsternavel

    Wool Cloaks

    Wool cloaks are the way to go. I've seen many since familiarizing myself with WA, and the people that dwell here. My partner has a nice wool blanket he throws around his shoulders and secures with a giant safety pin near his upper chest. I've seen others scored at Goodwill outlet for hella cheap.
  36. dumpsternavel

    Queer Identity, Dating Apps, Etc....

    Ha, oh dating apps.. Truthfully, they have always had a tendency to repulse me. Not necessarily grindr, because that wasn't the kind of site that peaked my interest. As a female bodied queerdo that has mainly had a very hard time finding femme, or female bodied partners- this, is what drove me...
  37. dumpsternavel

    Housed until spring

    Ha, well... sorta. Housed for the winter until May. Been building from nothing off-grid. And truthfully, It is just taking way too much investment for me to justify spending more than half of the year here.. Need to ride more freight trains, and continue to meet more people. Small town rainy...
  38. dumpsternavel

    Your Favourite YouTube Hobos

    Hell yeah @Engineer J Lupo ! Crime pays but Botany Doesn't makes me fucking smile, and take a load off. You know him?? Seriously, that dude's train of thought is the shit. Ramblin' about riding freight trains, while identifying plants in between with the whole "SQUIRREL!" dog mentality, almost.
  39. dumpsternavel

    Hopped on my bike, went 3,360 miles

    Yeah, you really nailed the write-up. Hell of a journey! Way to go, glad you were able to gain some new perspective*
  40. dumpsternavel

    The weapon that makes you feel safe?

    I refused to hit the road alone, until I had a dog. Having my 60 lb beast made hitch-hiking with boobs, feel alot more comfortable. Cons are: riding public transportation (at times), getting turned down from rides while hitchhiking (which I'd rather, actually), riding freight trains, less...
  41. dumpsternavel

    Photos Stick-n-pokes you've given?!

    @Chimpsarereal that cyclops mountain head is so sick
  42. dumpsternavel

    Photos Stick-n-pokes you've given?!

    @feralautistic damn!! Those are some pretty ornate pieces! Fucking rad, dude. My girlfriend does major badass handpokes too* she straight up went to like.. a "new age" type art festival/gathering thing that she had to pay like.. $150 to be a vendor at, as well as get boarded. She drew up some...
  43. dumpsternavel

    Is the Greyhound still pretty laid back?

    Met a guy in UT 4 or so years ago that got thrown in jail riding from OR to UT for some weed in his bag. They stopped the bus after leaving OR and checked everyone, apparently. I've ridden greyhound a few times since then, and the driver always announces a possible search for marijuana...
  44. dumpsternavel

    Street theater

    Ah, puppets are so cool. Performance art is something I admire, and always try to incorporate into my daily life. I've been made aware of one travelling puppet/band/performance troupe called Bread & Puppet that are based out of Vermont. They do tour along the eastern part of the US. I was able...
  45. dumpsternavel

    What kind of shoes do you wear while traveling?

    I always travel with pair of (usually) combat boots, and a pair of waterproof sandles. I.e. rolled with a pair of vegan docs, that lasted me one solid year of full-time travel. Still was able to salvage some of the "pho"? Leather from the boots themselves when the soles were wrecked. Was...
  46. dumpsternavel

    Featured Photos Video ya boii Siids rides la Bestia -- {mexico}

    Holy shit, dude. So incredible!! So crazy.. What a reality to peek into with all of those migrants fleeing. Thank you for your write up, thank you for being so inspiring. You're uckin' badass!!!