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  1. FolkYouDad

    Shaggy tall dreadie kid

    Shit man everytime I've hung out withthat kid we've had a badass time.
  2. FolkYouDad

    Taking my tablet?

    I've met a couple kids with tabs, wrap it up in your sleeping bag and keep it towards the part of your pack thats against your pack and don't sit on it (obviously). you can still throw your shit just make sure you throw it outside facing down.
  3. FolkYouDad

    USMC ILBE Packs

    I just got rid of mine, to be honest I kind of hated it, mostly just cause the size, and I became a super hoarder. I got mine pretty much new, after a few weeks the zippers started breaking which was really annoying. and the frame ended up getting all twisted and pieces started falling out...
  4. FolkYouDad


    If anyone has any advice on hopping into/through canada I'd love some. I plan on going there this winter, preferably through minnesota. I'd love to ride the CP line out west to BC, head up north and ride the cn line east, and make my way back to the us through st albans or something. I got...
  5. FolkYouDad

    West coast

    West coast is alright if you're into hanging out in super blown up towns with a bunch of junkies and oogles. It really depends what you're into. I hate that shit.
  6. FolkYouDad


    Oi! Oi! Oi! My name's Johnathan but I my friends call me Crotch Rot on the count that I haven't showered in OVER NINE MONTHS. I started traveling about six months ago and I got stuck in Hamlet, NC about two months ago. It'd be cool if I could meet some fellow crustlords to help me outta my rut...
  7. FolkYouDad

    gonna be inchicago this weekend

    Anybody know of any rad house shows or anything goin on?
  8. FolkYouDad is a scam!

    I'm just really glad that I'm not the only one that likes to solve problems with poop
  9. FolkYouDad

    Travelling for the first time alone.

    Just enjoy yourself and don't worry about being alone, just do your thing for now. The right people will come to you at somepoint. Waiting for a semi decent connection is way better than forcing one over the internet.
  10. FolkYouDad


    I stayed in minneapolis for most of the winter, it's a pretty sweet city. There were alot of punk shows and shit goin on a couple nice folks let me crash on their floor for a week or so. But it really does get fucking cold as shit out there. I'd assume it's an even more rad place to be in the...
  11. FolkYouDad

    sidewalk piercings

    You could probably hang out around college towns and get away with piercing people, as long as you don't look crust as fuck most people wont mind if you just go into the bathroom and do it.
  12. FolkYouDad

    you ever just walked

    Last summer I walked from OKC to Ada it took about a week doing 15-25 miles a day. With lots of breaks cause it was fucking hot and horrible.
  13. FolkYouDad

    bulk patching fabric?

    Grab some black canvas, it'll last longer than the shitty cloth it's holding together. Or just grab some fancy work pants that'll last years without needing a patch
  14. FolkYouDad

    quick question for washboard players...

    Banjo picks
  15. FolkYouDad

    hip hop thread

  16. FolkYouDad

    hip hop thread

    This is my boy airospace, he's the shit!
  17. FolkYouDad

    At least tell me which American city...

    From what I hear Minnesota has alot of programs to help out people with employment and housing. I don't know any details specifically, but it's probably something worth looking into.