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    Hitchhiking info for southern california

    any one know best way to hitch from ventura to mendocino?
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    Graffiti Marker

    Hell yea fire hydrant tags are where its at!! U can catch such huge tags. Only downside to em is they run out pretty fast
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    What "do you play/would you play" in the bedroom to spice things up?

    I play los tigres del norte, contrabando y traicion... best jam ever
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    Graffiti Marker

    Word! The silver rusto bucket paint is the best! I Mix about 80% paint an about 20% thinner. I also use those pen refile bottles of ink and I add some ground lead for vescocity... an old writers trick...
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    Indie/Political Hip-hop

    Non phixion, army of the pharoes, jedi mind tricks, typical cats, goretex, arsonists, lootpack, dialeted peoples, benefit, sabac red, krs-1, eyedea & abilities, gangstarr, souls of mischief, del the funkie homosapien, hieroglyphics, gza of the wutang and all of wu-tang!, yakballs, cannibal ox...
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    Street art

    Void... i was writing vor at the time tho
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    Street art

    For shure, I've been caught too many times. They had me for 9 counts of vandalism. Fought em down to 4 counts and got 180 days so I think its time for me to lay low for a min.
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    Street art

    I've been caught up pushing out carts full of paint from home depot so now I just do returns. Steal some thing small yet expensive return it for store credit an bam free rusto's! Sometimes they don't accept it if ya don't got a reciept that always sucks