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  1. Aleus

    california quick trips (mendoloop1)

    You were pretty close to some great redwoods. Next time head south east from Fort Bragg down towards Boonville. Along the way there are numerous redwood filled parks that most tourists havent found yet. Near Philo and Comptche specifically.
  2. Aleus

    Seeking Ride Bay area to Sacramento or Grass Valley.

    Looking for a ride from the bay area to Sacramento or Grass valley today if possible. 1 guy, small backpack and cute as hell puppy.
  3. Aleus

    time ender from portland, oregon - crazy person you should avoid

    If you come south to California I'm down to hit the road for a bit. Out near Grass Valley at the moment.
  4. Aleus

    Bay Area to San Diego. Tips?

    Made it from Oakland to la in 5 days hitching and walking the tracks out of Santa Cruz after a panhandling ticket. Stick to the 1. You'll get picked up fast, have a clearly written sign and be friendly. Pick a camp spot before dark and keep an eye out for beaches with no camping, ppl do check at...
  5. Aleus

    Looking for crew!

    Already got my trip booked and work lined up. When I get back to the east coast I will definitely hit you up and see if you're doing any more sailing. I know of a few places to dock in the MD-DC area if we ever venture out.
  6. Aleus

    Looking for crew!

    Damn this is the kind of opportunity I've been looking for but I already have plans to head west in less than 2 weeks. If I wasn't leaving I would be all about this.
  7. Aleus

    Photos Missing: Meg and Johnny

    Heading from Philly to Norcal in about 2 weeks. I'll keep my eyes peeled and fingers crossed.
  8. Aleus

    Tent vs Hammock? Amry vs Hiking Backpack?

    Gonna cosign on what was mentioned above. It's really a personal preference but I choose hammock over tent. A tent is great to keep your gear in but I find it to be overkill unless you are staying in one place for a few days or longer. My hammock is ultralight weight and combined with a tarp, a...
  9. Aleus

    Looking for a place in Philly

    Some decent spots along the Schuylkill and in South Philly down by FDR. Construction sites and rooftops can be great as long as you're quiet and get out before people show up or see you climbing down.
  10. Aleus

    Trump's Inauguration: Jan. 20th in DC

    Anyone have contacts for the south route that's DC bound? I'm in se MD heading to DC tomorrow via bus. Anyone heading to the black bloc hit me up.
  11. Aleus

    Motorized Biking: Heading to Mexico? South America?

    Don't plan a long trip until you've ridden a few hundred miles on the set up your using. Those bikes can be uncomfortable and sketchy even on the best roads. I've done 600 mile round trips on a lowered custom 50cc scooter and that made me rethink my cross country plans. Definitely document it...
  12. Aleus

    Bicycle tour across USA.

    Congrats on taking that first big step! I would highly suggest making panniers or some way to properly load your gear. The way it's all tied on now will only add to your fatigue. Create a front rack to evenly distribute your weight and get bags or some way to compress your bedding. Those square...
  13. Aleus

    Official 2016 Jamboree Rideshare/Road dog Thread

    If anyone is going from the Santa Rosa or Boonville CA area I'd love to catch a ride. Assuming that's where I'll be when the time arrives. I've got stagehand, construction, kitchen, trash team, security and assorted other experience and would be down to help out in any way possible.
  14. Aleus

    Has any one ridden the East Coast Greenway?

    I've ridden parts of it from NYC to DC. Some parts are nice trails or paved paths and others you're riding in the road with traffic or on the shoulder. I would definitely recommend thicker tires as most of the shoulders are covered in debris. Much respect for the tall bike touring, my touring...
  15. Aleus

    Would anyone be interested in volunteering for a free place to stay in New Orleans?

    I will be in New Orleans in early August sometime and I am definitely interested. I will shoot you over a message when I have a better idea on the dates. Sounds like a great idea though!
  16. Aleus

    Cattle Mutilation?

    I've seen mutilated cow parts on the tracks twice. Both times were in MD on CSX tracks while walking from one town to the next. One was a cows hoof and about 3 inches of leg, cleanly severed, no blood. The other looked like a large organ of some sort and a few feet away there was a giant animal...