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  1. simpletoremember

    dimple piercings

    just got them done. does anyone know how often i should clean them and with what... i have been cleaning with sea-salt and water about 2-3 times a day.
  2. simpletoremember

    Liberation Regurgitation

    Mine and my girlfriend's new anti-folk/folk-punk project based out of the Boulder, Colorado area. Liberation Regurgitation on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  3. simpletoremember

    hardcore show @ the blast-o-mat in denver (may 25th)

    It's my buddies band from Sacramento, Caulfield. They're pretty bad. so if you're in the area check it out it's only $5 bucks Soul Control and Like Wolves are from up state New York I believe and Bankrobber is from Denver... I didn't know if there was a flyer already so I just kind of took the...
  4. simpletoremember

    Airheads and Reagan Youth

    I was just watching the film Airheads, first time I've seen it since I was a kid, I found the VHS at a thrift store for like 50 cents, but anyways I realized that The song they play is a rendition of a Reagan Youth song... i don't know if anyone else noticed that. Sort of useless information.
  5. simpletoremember

    Happy easter stp!

  6. simpletoremember


    So I am leaving Alaska for Denver in a few weeks. waiting for a few things to come in the mail then buying my ticket, but I will be living there for a couple months... Looking for some friendly folk to hang out with. Maybe when summer comes around begin traveling again... I have heard of really...
  7. simpletoremember

    Lady gaga is crust as fuck!

  8. simpletoremember

    Graffiti Marker

    What I usually do is take those bing dot markers (there pretty easy to lift). I empty it and wash it out. Then add a mixture of acrylic paint (3/4) and paint thinner (1/4)... They work pretty well. You can a little bit of break fluid to the mixture so after they buff your shit, there is still a...
  9. simpletoremember

    Broken Strings

    For those who have the crapspace check out my shiity solo/acoustic/folk-punk thing
  10. simpletoremember


    just a rant I wrote. The consumer is consumed. Possessed by their possessions, greed, and the image of the all mighty unholy dollar bill. The bank notes themselves meaning nothing more the a 15% interest to the Central Banking Systems, and with no gold backing our economy but oil. In fact...
  11. simpletoremember

    fall of efrafa

    fall of efrafa was a post hardcore band from the uk [2005-2009] influenced by the novel watership down richard adams... the did a final show in december... but i just was turned on to these guys from a friend.
  12. simpletoremember

    Moonshine Apocalypse

    Does anyone have their CD and is willing to burn it for me? I lost my days ago.
  13. simpletoremember


    i sent oldmanlee a copy of 'expect resistance: a field manual', a crimethinc book, about a month ago, and i just recently got a letter in the mail saying it was subjected to search, and he never got the book. he said we might being investigated as a terror subcell jokingly. but maybe it's so. i...
  14. simpletoremember

    Blackbird Raum

    most likely my most favorite band of all time. i first met them in sf when they opened up for leftover crack at thee park side, i was playing my guitar trying to make money for a ticket, and cj (their banjo player) saw me putting me of the guest list. after that i've seen them a few more times...
  15. simpletoremember

    America's Healthly Future Act 2009 (Max Baucus)

    Has anyone read the bill? Trying to make everyone in the country have health insurance by 2013, and then taxing them an average of 10% of household income, and fining people $900-$3800, that can't afford it. fucked up.
  16. simpletoremember

    yo' check it!

    Hey kids, the name is Matty Mischief. I’ve been travelin’, ramblin’, & folkin’ shit up for the past couple years now. Riding trains, hitch hiking, basically doing whatever it takes to get my ass across the country side. I’m originally from Juneau, Alaska, and I play mediocre guitar and scream...
  17. simpletoremember

    Which states are you required to give a cop an i.d.?

    does anyone know this information. if i do research it. i'm more then glad to share the info as well...