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  1. dumpsternavel

    A low down on basic rehandling of tools..?

    So, I've been volleying around the idea of hosting a workshop of rehandling basic tools. I.e. hammers and such of that nature. Thinkin' I'll try to grab a few heads at a flea market or something. And grab a few handles from whatever hardware store that has close enough sizes. Eh??
  2. dumpsternavel

    Protecting a train riding dogs hearing

    Here's a question for those that have hopped trains with a dog long-term. I know that many railroad workers are prone to hearing loss.. and I know for a fact, that I definitely have grown to like riding freight with ear plugs in. So, why wouldn't I try the same for my pooch? Out of all of the...
  3. dumpsternavel

    Glassblowing setup available in WA

    Hello, all. I've been storing a basic glassblowing setup for the last 3.5 years, and I haven't been able to use it almost at all since I began travelling.. This entails a gently used GTT Lynx single flame torch, with a graphite attachment. Has two quick connect hoses for oxygen, and propane. A...
  4. dumpsternavel

    Featured Photos Off-Grid homesteadin' wing'n it yeh

    Alright, peeps... I'm gonna share with you my on-going journey with the art of land cultivation, building, and off-grid living. I began this with my partner @Caveman118 in mid November of 2018. This all started after I finally spent some time in Louisiana, being my 48th state hit while...
  5. dumpsternavel

    Heya! Tryng to see some cool shit NYC

    Hey there! Headed to Astoria, NY to spend some important time in NYC. Gonna be spending about three days in the city before headed south. Mainly gonna be hangin' within the Brookelyn area. Anyone have any good suggestions for sweet punk bars to check out, open mics, or shows within the area...
  6. dumpsternavel

    Spoken Word & Written Poetry

    Here are a few works of mine from the last 6 months* I decided to post audio, as well as finished write-ups for those who have a personal preference for one, or the other. Also, I'm quite curious as to any of your own feelings in regards to the differences in media. If the same message/rythm...
  7. dumpsternavel

    Scrap poems

    Just a bundle of shorter works I've held onto over the last 5 years.. Feedback is welcomed. These are pieces that have never really made the cut into performance, or publication. Enjoy* ? ~~~~• Hold the spoon Close to you Feed yourself What they lose They'll tell you that you're full-...
  8. dumpsternavel

    Photos Stick-n-pokes you've given?!

    Hey there, folks. The art of the stick-n-poke tattoo method has resonated with my being for some time now.. I began experimenting about a year before hitting the road. Since then, I've been trusted to tattoo more people that I could have ever imagined.. and I've been able to gather a few photos...
  9. dumpsternavel

    Cody Wayne &/or Avery

    Hey everybody! I met these two kids in West Memphis about a year ago. Cody Wayne (male) and Avery (female) they were a couple who had ties to Projex in regards to Rainbow. Cody was telling me that his father is now one of the main people "in charge" of hosting the Ocalla gathering in Florida...
  10. dumpsternavel

    reccomendtion on where to kick it in Philly, PA

    Heya, Folks. Anyone got some specific locations in Philly worth checkin' out?? I.e. books shops, coffee shops, bars Anything cool.. Headin' there soon, if anyone's around and wants to jam or somethin'
  11. dumpsternavel

    Schwillam/Sirius/Dru/Sean/Audio/What the fuck Ever.

    Alright folks.. it's taken me awhile. But, this kid- who is also a user on this forum needs to be known about. I travelled with this feller for 9 months straight. We went our separate ways almost a year ago.. I post this as a warning to all of those in this community, for he is predatory, and...
  12. dumpsternavel

    Anyone gonna be @ Folk Life 2018?

    Gonna be trying to attend the annual Folk Life Festival in Seattle,WA this year. It’s held at the end of May- and I’m gonna be round there bangin’ on a washboard, and hoping to jam with any and all. It’s also cohesive with apple picking season, (so I’ve heard) and may be a good opportunity for...
  13. dumpsternavel

    Getting a non registered dog onto Greyhound

    Howdy y'all. I was wondering if any of you may have experience with taking a large dog onto a Greyhound bus. My doggo isn't legally registered as a service animal.. I can easily spew some recited information about the ADA, and whatnot- though, I just want to ensure (as much as I can) that she's...
  14. dumpsternavel

    New Spoken Word Pieces i'm happy to share with yeuh

    Recently uploaded a few new tracks to my soundcloud. My profile was getting pretty outdated, but I am now in the process of sharing the works I have come up with since living full-time on the road. More will be coming soon* Hope y'all enjoy*
  15. dumpsternavel

    Shortest amount of time you hitched Cross Crounty

    Hey y'all! I'm very interested in all of you thumbin' jackass' responses in regards to the quickest amount of time you got across the whole country, via "bummin' a ride." ;) I'll be embarking on my first cross-country hitch along the I-40 here soon. Gonna try to make it from NC ~ Socal within...
  16. dumpsternavel

    Anyone ever hitched the 84, OR - ID?

    Hey y'all. Curious about all of yer experiences that have ever hitched the 84, OR to ID. I've heard from many that hitchin' through ID is pretty shitty/weird. But, I'm thinkin' of gettin' out of Portland, and hitting the 84 east into Rupert, which is in Southern Idaho- It's one hell of a...
  17. dumpsternavel


    Folks! I'm lookin' for one of my former road dogs that goes by the name, Skippy. Slim, white dude that usually wears a hat. Shorter blonde, curly hair, and rides freight most of the time. Badasss patched pants, face tattoos, plays guitar, and funny as fuck. Usually stays on the West side of the...
  18. dumpsternavel

    If ya like Poetry

    Hey there! I've recently been rather idle in regards to travel for the last month n a half.. But! what has come of that, has resulted in the completion of my very first collection of poetry/zine which is titled: Nonsensical Ambivalence ! I made a whole 50 copies, and in celebration- wanted to...
  19. dumpsternavel

    Jerome AZ Old High School Performance Space

    Yo yo yo Currently, I am in Jerome, AZ. One of my favorite places I've been to thus far; during my travels. Waiting in a re-vamped high school, turned art studio space parking lot. Finishing a 40 oz.~ with my love crashed out sideways from passenger seat to my lap. Waitin' for one of the...
  20. dumpsternavel

    Glass blowin' folk

    Hey y'all around and about, I've been rubber trampin' and have my torch and some tubing that I'd really like to melt down with some a you* or peeps you know That have an accessible oxygen tank. I'd be happy to bring my own propane tank, or throw down some pitch to use propane that's already...
  21. dumpsternavel

    Boot rot....

    So I'm pretty sure I have pretty bad athletis/travler foot. My toe nail fell off not too long ago and the stench is uh...bad haha. Any natural/alt medicine cures to this?
  22. dumpsternavel

    Fav beer?

    just curious what everyone's favorite beer is. Not as in what you drink most often (like steelies for me) but the one you enjoy the most? I'm personally a fan of Sam Adams and Blue Moon
  23. dumpsternavel

    Does anyone know the origin of the squatters rights symbol

    So yea pretty self explanatory I'm curious if anyone knows why the circle N is the squatters rights symbol, the origin of it, and if the symbol has been around since like ancient times or if it's relatively new? If it had an original meaning that's been changed or evolved ect. Thanks!
  24. dumpsternavel

    Has anyone noticed....

    that pigeons and seagulls are without a doubt reincarnated homebums? I swear their actions are exactly the same! Am I the only one who's had this realization?
  25. dumpsternavel

    So last night was pretty typical

    Just wanted to share my classic dirty kid night that we had last night. We were spanging at a Walmart in Yuma Arizona when we first ran into a kid from Hoosier camp at slabs. We kicked it for a bit, had to chase off a homebum from tryna fly the same fucking spot and drank a little together...
  26. dumpsternavel

    Anyone know of any other internet couch surfing websites or resources?

    I'm really not a fan of dirty kid couch surfing coalition and the Couchsurfing app seems to be more for tourists and uh, "normies" for lack of a better term lol. Anyone know of any other places to find a nice comfy floor or couch space?
  27. dumpsternavel

    Thank you comrades!!

    Everyone out there tonight hitting the streets fight this fascist thank you!! I'll be out there with you tomorrow night!
  28. dumpsternavel

    Thanks to Matt!!

    I just wanna throw it out, and give a big fuck yea fuck yea to Matt Derrick for providing this awesome space for misfit travelers!! I had the pleasure of meeting him at slabs a month or two ago and to spend some time working and chillin with him at the library as well as going on a road trip...
  29. dumpsternavel

    Nobody, San Fran scum fuck

    I believe the dude is still in jail but I have a bit of history with him. He lives at people's park in Berkeley Cali, a heroin addict, theif, liar, manipulator and proud to be piece of shit. He recently stole one of my friends car in slabs WITH MY ROADDOG PASSED OUT IN THE BACK SEAT! After...