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  1. PeaceAndLove

    Seeking Help Needs Research StP HQ / Punk Rock RV Park

    Whats the budget. Theres a huge plot of land on sauvies island thats a forclosure goin for 1000000
  2. PeaceAndLove

    Rv parking in or around portland

    I have seen a couple rvs over there. Maybe I'll try there. thanks
  3. PeaceAndLove

    Rv parking in or around portland

    Hi, I'm looking for a place I can park my rv in Portland or around there. Does anyone have any advice or even a place?? Tired of getting ran out of every neighborhood I park for a minute in by either cops or concerned citizens.
  4. PeaceAndLove

    Im about to buy an RV

    Everything seems to work fine but I'm not a mechanic at all. Does anyone have any advise before I buy it?
  5. PeaceAndLove

    Websites for forclosures

    How do you find ones that don't have potential buyers?
  6. PeaceAndLove

    Websites for forclosures

    I've been useing trulia to find forclosures. Does anyone have experience with this site or suggestion for others?
  7. PeaceAndLove

    Seeking Ride Ride from Portland to Tulsa

    did you ever get that ride?

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