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  1. kelz

    Disconnecting from a over connected world

    I dont hate technology, I find it useful for getting knowledge out there would otherwise be hard to attain. And to connect with certain people and groups. But people take way beyond extreme. And I totally agree with you Matt, maybe its just more noticable now to me. It just drives me crazy to...
  2. kelz

    Hopping Trucks/Boats/Etc.

    A car hauler might be easy enough to hop if any of the doors are unlocked. Havent done it myself but maybe in the future...
  3. kelz

    Unemployed forever/Retired at 27.....

    I struggle to maintain any sort of job. Always have. The only thing the drives me to stay employed right now is my dog, she is getting older and health slowly deteriorating. I want to keep her comfortable and safe for as long as she lives. When her time does come though, that's it for me. She is...
  4. kelz

    Disconnecting from a over connected world

    Smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, iwatches, gps, it never ends. Everyday on the train I am the only person not staring at a phone or with headphones on ignoring the world. At a large family gathering this past weekend every person there was at some point glued to their phones or ipads...
  5. kelz

    Video Neat way to survive cold nights with very minimal gear

    it's an awesome idea for minimalist carry for anytime of the year
  6. kelz

    Hey all!

    Awesome thanks so much everyone!
  7. kelz

    Hey all!

    So I actually joined up a few months ago but have been spending my time researching and reading others ideas and whatnot. I am currently in Toronto but the travel bug is biting me hard. The only thing holding me back is me. I have always felt like there's more out there for me and that I should...

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