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  1. Betonmanden

    Starting a Permaculture Farm

    All good man, id be skeptical too reading someone post about vague goals with no background. I definitely still have much to learn. That much I do know
  2. Betonmanden

    Starting a Permaculture Farm

    Worked for a masonry company for two years, not long enough to claim mastery of the skill but good enough to make a pretty good mortar lol. Been in the military last few years so I haven't been able to get much real world experience in ag, but it is something I take seriously. Ive been reading...
  3. Betonmanden

    Starting a Permaculture Farm

    Its great to see someone with the same ambitions, I know I'm being stubborn with the location, but I do love mountains and cold weather. Even if those things aren't suited for a typical homestead. I think the reason its difficult to find people for a project like this isn't the lack of potential...
  4. Betonmanden

    Starting a Permaculture Farm

    True, the internet is such an amazing tool, and I'm constantly looking up farming related things lol. And I have several books by Sepp Holzer and Mark Sheppard I look through on occasion. If your interested in off grid be sure to check them out, Sepp is a permaculture god. Thanks for the...
  5. Betonmanden

    Starting a Permaculture Farm

    Im interested in becoming a land owner in the next year or two, to make a very old dream of mine a reality, and that is a semi off grid permaculture farm where I can blacksmith in my free time. Preferably in the mountains of the northwest. I thought a lot about Oregon but after looking at land...

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