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  1. WyldLyfe

    Bernie Sanders

    Woah... ok I dunno which mod keeps deleting my posts, I posted on this thread (unless im mistaken and it was another about bernie made by Coywolf) about how left n right are the same just at different ends of the spectrum and something people need to go beyond and my comments, a few, which...
  2. WyldLyfe

    Bernie Sanders

    It's like humanity is in a relationship with its false parent who's abusive, but when humanity grows up it won't need its false parent to tell it how to behave and how things should be or falsely are, it won't even need to exist, there'll be no place for it.
  3. WyldLyfe

    Bernie Sanders

    Hey Wolf.. im not indifferent to things going on in the world, but yeah, iv never voted. If Bernie gets into the position you want him to, he prob wont do half the stuff he said he would or even less. like every politician does, if thats because they flat out lied to get the position or they...
  4. WyldLyfe

    Bernie Sanders

    It doesn't matter who they put in the position, politicians are politicians they black mail each other and are puppets and the same narrative continues. It makes no difference what so ever if someone from the right or left wing wins.. the wings belong to the same bird.. its the same thing just...

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