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  1. Uncle Mom

    Spoon playing. Uncle Mom gives lessons.

    Stop and see me sometime, I'll show ya some stuff.
  2. Uncle Mom

    RIP Yardsale

    Satan's release date: NOV 11, 2023.
  3. Uncle Mom

    RIP Irish

    No. That's him. He passed away in Chicago. RIP
  4. Uncle Mom

    Pair Found Dead in Coal Sought Freedom of Rails

    Then why are you on the internet? I guess we don't need you or your conversation either.
  5. Uncle Mom

    Pair Found Dead in Coal Sought Freedom of Rails

  6. Uncle Mom

    Places You Hate Most

  7. Uncle Mom

    Places You Hate Most

    Hate is a strong word, but generally speaking I stay away from Austin TX, Houston TX, Memphis TN, Chatanooga TN, and Ocala, FL. Generally, I'm not too big on FL or TX.
  8. Uncle Mom

    RIP Yardsale

    Satan was given 30 years. Murder 2. The judge suspended 15 of it, so he may only serve 15.
  9. Uncle Mom

    RIP Irish

    Wrong way kid.
  10. Uncle Mom

    RIP Irish

    RIP IRISH, you were a dear friend. You will be missed. Irish was found in Chicago, IL and coroner's office has confirmed that foul play was not suspected. i love you like a brother........
  11. Uncle Mom

    Heading out of Richmond -> West Coast

    Be careful in Roanoke. The yard is cursed, they have cameras, and the Bull is a bitch that likes to eat travelers for lunch.
  12. Uncle Mom

    bandana thing.

    I agree. My bandanna is brown. I use it to keep sweat off my hands when I am playing music, tie my hair back, etc etc. I don't belong to any "crew" so to say.....I'm just me. People seem to take a lot of things WAY WAY overboard with the seriousness, and everything starts looking black no...
  13. Uncle Mom

    FREE DIRT FILM, a project about taking traveling artists seriously.

    I think funding is the first hurdle. Cameras and directional mics that are easy enough on the weight for backpacks....
  14. Uncle Mom

    Hippie Hatred

    Everyone has so many labels.... WTF? Grow up.
  15. Uncle Mom

    FREE DIRT FILM, a project about taking traveling artists seriously.

    I figured I would start this thread. I guess the best way to describe this project is just to paste here what I have been posting as my fundraiser. I would love feedback, ideas, even criticism. This is not a scheme to make money, I don't plan on making any money at all. In fact, I plan on...
  16. Uncle Mom

    The History of Playing The Spoons - SPOONOLOGY

    SPOONOLOGY - The History of Spoon Playing In America people usually associate the playing of spoons with the image of an old man on his front porch slapping a pair of spoons between his knee and his hand. Although this mental image is not completely inaccurate, there is much more to spoon...
  17. Uncle Mom

    im a snitch

    You care about your friend, this is obvious. Sounds like he is hitting a rough patch. While you can't change people, you can at least attempt to be a positive influence. Sounds like you did the right thing in my opinion.
  18. Uncle Mom

    Dear kids...

    Um, YOU were the one bitching to begin with.
  19. Uncle Mom

    Dear kids...

    sorry, I just get angry.
  20. Uncle Mom

    Dear kids...

    Busking IS WORK. Just because I play on the street doesn't make me any less of a musician than those who play in venues. I sell CDs, I have a website, I record other bands. BUSKING IS WORK and I EARN every penny. When you say it is not work you might as well be taking any and all the music...
  21. Uncle Mom

    San Fran bans sitting, lieing, sleeping on side walks

    I was in Portland OR when they first put the NO SIT NO LIE law into effect, and then by chance I was also there when they deemed it UNCONSTITUTIONAL... I travel with a chair. I have trouble getting up and down from the sidewalk anyways. Does anyone know if a chair is ok? what about busking...
  22. Uncle Mom

    Might as well make a formal introduction *bow*

    I agree with wanting to earn a living. I also busk. The fact that you have a desire to earn your keep says a lot of good thing about you.
  23. Uncle Mom

    Traveler friendly venues... Where to book gigs.

    So I figured I would start a thread about traveler friendly venues. If you know a venue that is friendly to traveling bands, post it here. Maybe this can help others along the way. I'll start: DINO'S RESTAURANT 411 Gallatin Avenue Nashville, TN (615) 227-8998 Dino's is one mile...
  24. Uncle Mom

    'Prohibited' Patches

    I 3rd the motion.
  25. Uncle Mom

    Art or exploitation? I'm doing a photo project.

    I travel with a camera, and a portable 4 track, and microphones. I think of it as recording history... But, I am not looking to make money off of it.
  26. Uncle Mom

    Check Out My Project

    me too. keep up the good work. keep me posted on other projects, too....
  27. Uncle Mom

    Hippie Hatred

  28. Uncle Mom

    Hippie Hatred

    L.C. I am sorry you are so judgmental and narrow-minded. Maybe one day you can quit labeling people. Or maybe not. This thread is pretty shallow.
  29. Uncle Mom

    R.I.P. Tink

    whether or not he was an idiot is not the point. This thread is for those who were his friend, and if you don't have respect for that you shouldn't post here.
  30. Uncle Mom

    What "do you play/would you play" in the bedroom to spice things up?
  31. Uncle Mom

    FREE DIRT - Satisfied (a song off our first album) DF4Ay7c4qFUk%26feature%3Dshare&h=61035 Song off of our first album... Anyone have feedback?
  32. Uncle Mom

    Banjo Ben Shirley

    These are some videos and recordings of a buddy of mine, Ben. It was my first attempt to match up the video I took with my shitty camera to the audio off the 8 track. Opinions? Thumbs up or down?
  33. Uncle Mom

    Hey, hi.

    I don't "Hate" them, but I do think that is is a little creepy that if they were big enough to eat you... they would.
  34. Uncle Mom


    I've never had trouble. I usually stick to trains, but even then Baltimore is kinda blown up, and Richmond too because of Yardsale's death at the Acca YD.
  35. Uncle Mom

    Free Dirt - Train (Music Video)

    This is footage mostly of the South East, but some North East also. I don't get to the west coast too often. This is bits of clips over a couple of years.
  36. Uncle Mom

    a housie and being ashamed?!

    I house up every winter. Not ashamed, just smart. Too old and tired for winter. If you're ashamed of living in a house then you must be really self-conscious. Nothing wrong with it at all. Who else is going to let me sleep on their floor/take showers/chk my email.... HOUSIES!!!!! THANK...
  37. Uncle Mom

    Facebook is now officially evil.

    As scary as the information age is, I use FB. I've made money off of it, I keep tabs on my family (who otherwise seem to busy for me.) If the gov't wants to watch me, let them I have nothing to hide from them, anyone on FB, or anyone else.
  38. Uncle Mom

    Smash the state: sell your guns and buy a computer

    NOBODY IS PUTTING IMPLANTS IN MY HEAD.... NOBODY. I enjoy my peace and SEPARATE THOUGHT PROCESS, and don't wish to be part of a BORG society. Fuck that.
  39. Uncle Mom

    Anna Trevor - Music from the road. D5S__77UC5mU&h=20c13 Dz0h4hnhrzJ8%26feature%3Dautofb&h=20c13 :applaud::hf::yourock:
  40. Uncle Mom

    Heres my dilemma

    I agree. If you're going to do it then do it. Don't sit on a StP site and talk about this shit wearing a train rag and blah blah blah in your fucking picture if you need someone to hold your hand and tell you how. Seriously, dude. Grow balls, stick your shit in a home bum pack or whatever...
  41. Uncle Mom

    Weirdest thing you carry

    concert-style glockenspiel with stand
  42. Uncle Mom

    Folklife Meetup!

    last week of May link: Northwest Folklife - Home
  43. Uncle Mom

    FolkLife 2011

    I'd have to haul ass, but I'm going to try to get there.
  44. Uncle Mom

    Finding girls on the road (A silly but relevant thread!)

    Girls don't travel. You will have to fuck on only one side of the fence..... Your choice: Pitching or Catching.
  45. Uncle Mom

    half wolf (Vash)

    I had to look over this thread about ten times before I "knew" what to write. I still don't. Just an empty spot... RIP
  46. Uncle Mom

    My name is jacqueline pennington and i am looking for my father-daniel pennington/love

    Um, when was the last time you saw him, why are you looking for him, can you give description, is he traveling, and where is he usually?
  47. Uncle Mom

    $ Rockledge, FL $

    WARNING: If you write posts on towns that are good money, be prepared to never have luck there again. Sucks, cause it sounded like a cool place.
  48. Uncle Mom

    Is this possible?

    The song is a bit creepy and soothing at the same time. It makes me feel a little funny. Maybe I should let this one digest before I give an opinion. I may like it... I don't know yet. maybe

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