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  2. zenchop

    Song i wrote

    Thank you for the feedback, i try to keep some positivity so i don't sound like I'm just complaining all the time. Thank you for picking up on that😊
  3. zenchop

    Hey y'all, Red's the name

    did you make it to Jax? My nihilist friend jLaw lives there. Hmu
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    Backyard camping
  6. zenchop

    Thoughts on florida

    trust me, it can be. I grew up here and am currently stuck here for another six months before i can get back to Vegas and then slab city. Fuck Florida, Panama city used to be cool don't know if it still is. Gainesville sold out, Orlando is tolerable but unforgiving, Ocala is garbage cop wise...
  7. zenchop

    Song i wrote

    Last one i promise, just curious as to your opinion. I don't really have any friends where I'm staying so input, positive or negative, is sincerely appreciated. Can't grow if i don't get feedback
  8. zenchop

    Song i wrote

    Another original
  9. zenchop

    Song i wrote

    I do appreciate the input, the idea of marrying the two separate things may hold some value since i did play around with a few rhythms before settling on my staple reggae riff. Originally it had a choppier almost leftover crack style but im not good enough to play and sing the riff i had in...
  10. zenchop

    dumb traveler names

    used to run with a kid named "might've been" cause he "might/ve been" your kid so you shouldn't judge him for being crusty. I was called porkchop for years then got the zenchop nickname in rehab cause i was all into the Tao and meditating and stuff.
  11. zenchop

    Song i wrote

    Hope this is ok to post here, just looking for feedback good or bad please
  12. zenchop

    Ocala Rainbow Gathering 2019

    Where you at?
  13. zenchop

    Ocala FL for the rainbow gathering?

    honeslty the ocala forest one is the only one i know about, i think maybe check redditt for other gatherings. i haven't been on there in years but there's a thread for everything
  14. zenchop

    Ocala FL for the rainbow gathering?

    Should be starting up, already travelers in town, holding camp is silver springs
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    flagler in florida, about 500 feet from camp
  16. zenchop

    Ride Offered seeking a friend to join me anywhere

    Im down for the trip, new Mexico is the most powerful energy place I've ever been to
  17. zenchop

    Ride Offered seeking a friend to join me anywhere

    Yup in Ocala, probably still be around in February after the gathering, where were you thinking of heading?
  18. zenchop

    Ocala FL for the rainbow gathering?

    Couple of us got a temporary squat on hwy 27 by the interstate. Hang out at the racetrack store and we'll see you. Should be catching a ride in a week out to the forest.
  19. zenchop

    Ride Offered seeking a friend to join me anywhere

    I'm going to be leaving Florida on a bicycle here soon if you're still around and want to hang a bit before you leave. Gathering is going on so lots of travelers in Ocala right now

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