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  1. Origen

    in the puget sound trying to buy a boat and learn to sail

    As a sailing instructor for many years I’d say yes it’s possible to learn on your own, but it’s easier if someone literally shows you the ropes
  2. Origen

    So, what ya'll think about having kids?

    I decided to not have kids and I regret it. It’s not possible now, but I am probably deceiving myself . I would have probably made a bad father.
  3. Origen

    Awkard sexual encounters(an butt stuff)

    The story of the apartment drenched in cat odor reminded me of a similar experience. I met this guy online who was very much my type. When I got to his place he actually looked even better in person, but the apartment smelled horrible from his 5 cats. He got undressed and laid on his back, and...
  4. Origen

    Remembering old travel and travelers

    I have been reading the posts on here for a while. I’m way too old to hop trains , but StP reminds me of when I hitchhiked here in the US and all over Europe when I was a student in France. As a professor at a major medical school I’m very far from that life now. We have done couch surfing as...
  5. Origen

    How "love" is a illusion

    I’m fascinated by your thoughts on relationships and the idea of asexuality as a path. I’d like to see your newsletter
  6. Origen


    Speaking of neutering.. there is a whole "alternative male" movement. Surely too radical idea for most people on here. The idea is that it's not just having kids that is the problem, but the urges, aggression and distraction that are the problem. So this doctor in Atlanta is apparently...
  7. Origen


    Wow, the page is indeed radical!! I guess their philosophy makes sense sort of ....although getting castrated might speed things up!!
  8. Origen


    I am a genderqueer individual thinking of dropping everything to explore the country in non-traditional ways.. rails, boats etc... I would like to explore my options with others on here and meet others who believe in non binary gender

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