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    EU Dreamz: Leaving the US once and for all

    Yes, that is generally true. Please note that you have even better standing in the UK, there Americans are allowed to stay 6 months. Right now there is an entry ban for Americans to the EU but not to the UK
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    Offering accommodation in Cambridge, UK

    You meant if you should pay to live there? I would say no, if you risk losing deposit and being caught in a conflict. You tried couchsurfing?
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    Germany squats????

    You specifically want to do squats or couchsurfing could also be OK? Some of the hosts on CS or BeWelcome are kind of like squats or shared houses. Nice to see fellow Europeans in here!!
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    Dumpster Diving in Oz

    Yep, I do get close to everything that I eat this way too. Last night picked up apples, tomatoes and beef. Luckily I am in a cold climate so even meat stays fresh
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    Heading to Germany

    Sure I traveled a lot in Germany as well. - Public transport in the towns is not so bad, but trains between cities are crazy. For any travel around I would go with bus or hitchhike , even blablacar is a good choice. - For food you might have a chance to get it for free, they have a big...

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