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  1. Lucky1313131313

    COVID-19 Concerns and Voting Poll

    It's probably better postponed until next year. This is supposed to be an event of friendship and good meetings, not a convention of potential numerous disease-spreading vectors perfectly primed to infect loved ones and communities.
  2. Lucky1313131313

    I'm new to this site - so grateful it exists - and wanted to introduce myself

    Good to meet you dude. Glad to have you here.
  3. Lucky1313131313

    Walking shoe recommendations?

    Black mil-spec hiking boots from an army surplus store. Loved those things until the soles wore out.
  4. Lucky1313131313

    OY from Montreal, Canada

    Welcome to the site! Glad to have you P.S. Canada seems like paradise compared to the US right now. Won't pretend I'm not envious.
  5. Lucky1313131313

    I am Rev. Theodore Bushpig. And I am NOT a panda.

    I think you might be a little bit salty about pandas. Seriously though you have good taste. I, too, despise Necco wafers and small yapping dogs. Good to meet you.
  6. Lucky1313131313

    Ready to leave home and go wherever

    Get a good backpack. Walmart sells surprisingly good ones. Lurk on the forum a lot and pick up all the tips you can.
  7. Lucky1313131313

    What's going on? I'm into off-grid living and sustainability

    Hi, call me Lucky13. I've been working on figuring out viable ways to live totally off the grid for about five years now. Or as close to that as possible. This is what I've made: MacRev - and Better World Blog – Tech, DIY, and general geeking out -...
  8. Lucky1313131313

    plan b herbal alternative

    I posted a recipe for this here: Herbal Medicine - and it's pretty safe, I've used it, but I would say don't use it unless you have no other choice. Plan B is reliable. Condoms are even more reliable.
  9. Lucky1313131313

    The Judgement Day Bookclub!!!

    Noooo invite is invalid
  10. Lucky1313131313

    Druids Grove

    Although I feel you have admirable intentions here, it bothers me that you said you were going to worship "The Tuatha De Danann or the elves." It also bothers me that you said you work with the Fae/elementals/nature spirits. These are five extremely different entities, and I think that this way...
  11. Lucky1313131313

    Best places in America?

    Kansas City, KS suburbs have some of the best libraries in the nation. Get your hard-to-find books via interlibrary loan and *chef smacks lips* perfect
  12. Lucky1313131313

    Places You Hate Most

    LA, Kansas, Nebraska, and especially Topeka
  13. Lucky1313131313

    How has life on the road been since Covid 19?

    Guys I've been hearing from a family friend and from other emergency room doctors that this is indeed serious shit. Don't take any chances.
  14. Lucky1313131313

    Does CBD really work?

    Depends on what you're using it for and how it reacts with you. Some claim it's great for their anxiety/depression and pain. Others see no real point. It seems to work best if you consume it right after eating something high in fat, and hold it under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing...

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