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  1. hassysmacker

    my super shitty trip from oakland to tucson

    So, last monday, I decided to head down to Tucson to work at the gem and mineral show, from oakland, where I had been squatting for a few months. Trip out of oakland was relatively uneventful, daily junk reefer porch, arrived in Roseville around 2am, found a spot to camp, and slept. I think I...
  2. hassysmacker

    So, whose into anarchism/permaculture/primitive skills/anarchism/fermentation...

    So, whose really into anarchism/permaculture/primitive skills/fermentation/rewilding/naturalism/environmentalism/rewilding/herbalism/radical analysis of things like gender roles/etc etc etc as well as traveling? I mean obviously this doesn't preclude you from enjoying getting drunk, or...
  3. hassysmacker

    Mayday SF 2010

    I'm gonna be there, anyone else? "In the sunny spring of 2010 join us in celebration of May Day with your black flags hoisted high! We invite everyone from the anti-authoritarian community for an all ages, all body types, all orientations and family friendly gathering in the park.* ---...
  4. hassysmacker

    Wild Roots, Feral Futures (anti-civ gathering)/Colorado: June 2010

    I may or may not be there, but seems like a great event. Wild Roots Feral Futures 2010: Call for Workshops The 2010 Wild Roots Feral Futures will take place for a seven-day duration, a quarter moon cycle, from June 19th-26th (from the First Quarter Moon...
  5. hassysmacker

    Important Call to Action for Solidarity in SLC in March

    "Hey all, One of the coordinators of the direct action part of this is a friend of mine and she is absolutely 1,000% for bringing it down. She's really hoping to push a more radical framework for the actions that are right now being planned around Timothy's trial. I hope some the more...
  6. hassysmacker

    To those who have done...norcal trimming before

    So from March-September I'm going to be interning at a permaculture farm in bolinas california. now I know some of the towns to go to to try and get trimming work (not gonna list them here as theres no need), but in terms of finding the work, does anyone think flying a sign on main roads or at...
  7. hassysmacker

    Photos STP Breakfast Club - Richmond, VA 12/09 at McCleans!

    On a cold cold morning in Richmond, VA, the day before I left the place, 5 of us all got together and ate an awesome, afforadably priced breakfast at McLean's, which OldManLee calls "one of the last remaining truly greasy spoon diners around". Definitely check it out sometime, its fucking...
  8. hassysmacker

    Mountain Defenders: Organize!/Primitive Camping Weekend Near Albany, NY 10/9-10/11

    MOUNTAIN DEFENDERS: ORGANIZE! Upcoming Event: Primitive Camping Weekend Join us for a weekend of camping on Friday Oct. 9 - Sunday Oct. 11. Together we will share primitive camping skills such as wild foraging and fire building, learn more about some of the threats posed to the mountains...
  9. hassysmacker

    Keep medicaid or get foodstamps?

    So due to some complexities in my having been sedentary and hitting the road soon, I currently have medicaid but not food stamps. So being as I'm not registered as homeless, I'd get a weak ass amount of food stamps where I'm currently located. Can I get foodstamps in another state, so I can...
  10. hassysmacker

    Teflon cookset vs. metal cookset and carrying oil

    What do you prefer in your pack? If you carry teflon, what kind of utensils/cookware do you carry? Nylon? Plastic?
  11. hassysmacker

    SO I just got this "yuppie pack"...opinionjs?

    I realize this could realistically go into the yuppie pack thread, but I wanted it to be paid attention to. So, I know it's all a matter of preference, but I wanted to get some opinions based on this pack from people more experienced with yuppie packs. It is comfortable and 48L. Kestrel...
  12. hassysmacker

    REI Vs. EMS

    SO blah blah blah REI is good, whatever. What I'm asking about here, is on the East Coast, we have Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS). Is their shit as good? Do they have the same kind of ridiculous warranty?
  13. hassysmacker

    For anyone not at StP fest: Maine Primitve Skills Gathering 10/2-10/4

    Maine Primitve Skills Gathering 10/2-10/4 Maine Primitive Gathering October 2-4, 2009 Wells, Maine Cheap I'm gonna be there!
  14. hassysmacker

    Get Out of Jail Free Card

    "I found this card on an activist website, you're supposed to print it out and carry it around in your pocket when you'd rather not speak to the police (which for a lot of people is always) and if a police officer questions you about anything you're supposed to recite to them whatever you can...
  15. hassysmacker

    Wall Street : On the Street and On Facebook: The Homeless Stay Wired

    On the Street and On Facebook: The Homeless Stay Wired Via: Wall Street Journal: Like most San Franciscans, Charles Pitts is wired. Mr. Pitts, who is 37 years old, has accounts on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. He runs an Internet forum on Yahoo, reads news online and keeps in touch with...
  16. hassysmacker

    To Anyone Who knows about buying fixer upper cars and getting them repaired does it sound worth it?

    Here's the deal, I don't know shit about cars at all, but I have the money to get this and the craiglist post CLAIMS it would be a grand or less to get all necessary repairs...I'm really interested in getting diesel so I can convert it to run on veggie oil, and so I hear, these old school...
  17. hassysmacker

    Northeastern Permaculture Convergence - VT July 4th Weekend! COME!

    Don't know if any of y'all are interested in permaculture, but I definitely am gonna be there so I thought I'd post this! Northeastern Permaculture Networ - home 5th Annual Northeastern Permaculture Convergence "Permaculture in Practice" This year, Vermont permaculturists have...
  18. hassysmacker

    June 26 - Sunday, June 28 Deep Green Resistance (A Weekend Workshop with Derrick Jensen, Aric McBay)

    Deep Green Resistance A Weekend Workshop with Derrick Jensen, Aric McBay and Lierre Keith We live in the most destructive culture to ever exist. In Derrick's talks around the country he repeatedly asks his audiences, "Does anyone think this culture will voluntarily transform to a...
  19. hassysmacker

    My friend Chloe is compiling a DIY zine Contributons wanted!

    My friend chloe is compiling a diy how to zineand it accepted contributions for it. its not gonna be too politically themed, even though it will include anarchist leanings. but mostly a how to zine. if you have something really legit and good enough that youd be happy to stumble across...
  20. hassysmacker

    Feral Futures Gathering in Southern Colorado, May/June 2009

    Feral Futures (Wild Roots, Feral Futures) |
  21. hassysmacker

    NYC Anarchy Fest 4/10/09-4/12/09 (filmfest, bookfair, workshops etc) 2009 NYC Anarchist Film Festival The 3rd Annual NYC Anarchist Film Festival in Honor of Brad Will, our comrade and colleague murdered by police, takes place Friday, April 10, 2009 on the Lower East Side. The Third Annual NYC Anarchist Film Festival will showcase...
  22. hassysmacker

    Has any one noticed the great(er) depression affecting

    being a street kid/traveler? less kickdowns? less luck spanging? how about do you think the greater depression is going to affect people hitching and taking to the rails, etc etc? *opens can of worms*
  23. hassysmacker

    Warranty on one of those little travel laptops...?

    So I'm getting a $350 dollar EEE pc laptop. Optional is a $150 two year warranty that covers everything from it just breaking, to me dropping it or spilling liquid. Anything that happens in 24mos, and I get a new one. So theoretically, in 1 year 10 mos, I could just...drop it and get a...
  24. hassysmacker

    andy from the hudson valley bioregion (NY)

    whats going on. i'm andy. i'm a permaculturist green anarchist blah blah fucking blah. living in NY right now working as a gardener, but when I get off this stupid probation I'm gonna hit the road (this fall, woohoo!)

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