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  1. Kenada

    Kid from Virginia Looking for Adventure and a More Interesting Life

    I hope you have safe travels and enjoy the freedom of the open road!
  2. Kenada

    Old timer that has lived on wheels over 40 years.

    Sorry to hear about the transmission. I hope you’re able to get mobile again soon but if not I hope you are enjoying your slice of seclusion!
  3. Kenada

    Washingtonian about to start an adventure

    Hey glad to hear your starting your journey! If you are thinking of getting away from civilization you might think about getting a good backpack for your gear. Legs travel through forests a lot easier than wheels. I hope you stay safe out there!
  4. Kenada

    Hey all, from a newb in LA

    You’ve definitely found the right community! There’s plenty of info on how to travel on low to no budget. As well as this community is very supportive. I hope you have safe travels!
  5. Kenada

    Hello from Central Wisconsin !

    I’m sorry to hear about so many unfortunate events coming to your life at once. I definitely think traveling could be good for you. However you may look into moving somewhere else as well. Both ways of life have their perks. You may think about traveling to find your new home! What ever your...
  6. Kenada

    Hopeful Newbie from AR

    I’m actually doing the same exact thing! I hope you have fun on your journey! Stay safe out there and don’t forget to look around.
  7. Kenada

    Greetings from Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

    That’s a lot of books to read! Hope you have fun on your adventure. Stay safe out there!
  8. Kenada

    Photos My Travel Journal

  9. Kenada

    Thoughts on Graffiti?

    Tomb stones the last spot with your name on it lol
  10. Kenada

    Ready to catch out again

    Never too late to go on an adventure! That’s awesome you’re kids are all grown and your able to get back out there. I wish you the best of luck with all your travels!
  11. Kenada

    “Into the wild”

    Hopefully your friend is alright. Who knows maybe he made a life for himself in the wilderness. Maybe he’ll come back with an awesome story to tell! I’m a wishful thinker so hopefully he’s out there living his best life.
  12. Kenada

    “Into the wild”

    No worries, it’s easy to get lost in this post I honestly didn’t expect this much activity lol.
  13. Kenada

    “Into the wild”

    Thank you for sharing, I’m glad your son ended up being safe. A lot of times we get so caught up in our own worlds that we forget how our choices and decisions really effect those who love us.
  14. Kenada

    Photos My Travel Journal

  15. Kenada

    “Into the wild”

    What What I meant by that could be any of us, was that anyone can make one misstep and that can be their last. One bad call is all it takes were fragile beings.
  16. Kenada

    Thoughts on Graffiti?

    I think with most of society it’s seen as vandalism, but I personally feel that graffiti is an awesome way to express you’re views. I love going through areas with lots of graffiti it gives the area a sense of culture and tells it’s own story. I’ve never tagged myself but I’d definitely be...
  17. Kenada

    Hiya my names Kenada!

    If you check out the art section I’ve made a thread to follow my journal that I’ll be updating hopefully at some point today when I have a stable internet connection.
  18. Kenada

    “Into the wild”

    Sorry guys I made this thread and went Mia for a few days. I’m glad there was some solid discussion on the topic! I liked seeing all of your points of view on it. It’s cool to hear the different perspectives and how we all interpret the story a different way whether that be seeing it as a...
  19. Kenada

    Shiva Dupelle/Siva/Chris Michael Castillo/Pippin/Pippie

    I’m not positive but I was in downtown late night here in Eugene the other day and think I had a run in with this guy. Not 100% positive but if you’re in the area it probably wouldn’t hurt to be wary.
  20. Kenada

    “Into the wild”

    Someone showed me this movie last night. If you haven’t seen the movie it’s worth a watch. My reasons for wanting to leave resonate with the main character. While his situation isn’t a cookie cutter match with my own there are definitely similarities. The experiences the main character has in...
  21. Kenada

    Photos My Travel Journal

    I’m not the best at sketching or writing so this is an awesome way to refine my skills. While also being able to share my journey with people that might not be able to take the leap for whatever reason. Thanks for following my journey!
  22. Kenada

    introducing myself here

    In the area I’m at it’s calmed down quite a bit but I think there’s other places in the US that haven’t settled as much. I try to avoid the rioting. I prefer peace over violence and try to avoid violence where I can.
  23. Kenada

    introducing myself here

    It’s a really old world of Warcraft reference. I’m glad things are peaceful over there things are only getting crazier by the day here.
  24. Kenada

    introducing myself here

    Lol that’s awesome, I’m glad someone got my reference. It’s definitely an older one, I hope you’re making better decisions than Mr.Jenkins on your run!
  25. Kenada

    Cancelled Perhaps an StP Dungeons & Dragons group?

    Maybe we can play some STP D&D at the event in August! A special nomad version of D&D would be cool.
  26. Kenada

    introducing myself here

    Leeeeeroy Jeeeenkins, I’m not sure if you’ll get that reference, but if not that’s ok! Hope things are well in Holland. Stick around for a while and I’m sure you’ll find something to contribute. As well as I’m sure you’ll learn a lot!
  27. Kenada

    Hiya my names Kenada!

    I’ve already started my journey you can follow it in the art section!
  28. Kenada

    Photos My Travel Journal

  29. Kenada

    Photos My Travel Journal

    Thank you!
  30. Kenada

    Photos My Travel Journal

    here is yesterday’s Journal update.
  31. Kenada

    OY from Montreal, Canada

    Wow your life sounds like it has been an awesome cultural adventure! I hope you are able to find some farm work along your journey. Best of luck and safe travels!
  32. Kenada

    Kindest greetings everyone!

    Thank you for taking the time to share so much about your life and interests with all of us! I’m a bit of a gear head myself but mostly for Asian imports. I haven’t had much experience with other cars. If I’m ever in your neck of the woods id love to check out some projects of yours!
  33. Kenada

    Photos My Travel Journal

    Hey guys I appreciate checking out my journal. Please don’t worry about my pack though. It’s my personal journal I was just venting in it. I’ll be posting updates hopefully daily.
  34. Kenada

    Photos My Travel Journal

  35. Kenada

    Jamboree Meal Planning!

    So maybe not French toast I mean it’s not meat but it’s animal by product, thoughts suggestions?
  36. Kenada

    I'm new to this site - so grateful it exists - and wanted to introduce myself

    My heart goes out to you and your son. I can’t imagine going through that pain. I hope that you can take the journey that is needed to find peace within yourself. I’m sure that ever step of your adventure your son will be with you in spirit and enjoying any bits of joy you find along your path...
  37. Kenada

    My name is Joe Winko ♥

    Lol finding rides online is just electronic hitchhiking!
  38. Kenada

    What's up y'all, I'm daniel

    If you’re looking to get connected with the community more you should think about making the journey to the STP event in August!
  39. Kenada

    Hey Ya'll. Making the jump from lurker...

    I’ve been living in Portland for a long time and have a few friends that have enforced “squatters rights” now this is literally just a saying as we don’t really have any. However that being said you can claim the property is yours or as Matt said ask for a court order. Both should only be done...
  40. Kenada

    Jamboree Meal Planning!

    I can make French toast if y’all want that and don’t mind me helping!
  41. Kenada

    how the fuck do i find work with a dog

    If I’m ever in your neck of the woods I can help with your pets im and avid animal lover. Also same as offer goes with the commune if you get that up and goin I’d be glad to help out with the dogs. I also want to start a rescue commune for dogs on ranch someday, but yeah money is hard to come by...
  42. Kenada

    Hi I'm Bozorg, longtime lurker, friend of the road.

    That sounds rough friend, but with every low comes a high. Hopefully you’ll be on the up and up soon enough! Sending my wishful thoughts your way.
  43. Kenada

    Official 2020 Jambo Ride Thread

    That’d be awesome, its not until august so still quite a bit of time but I’ll definitely take you up on that offer if I’m on foot in that area!
  44. Kenada

    Official 2020 Jambo Ride Thread

    If anyone on the west coast is offering rides I can try to make it to you! Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  45. Kenada

    Ready to leave home and go wherever

    If you’re looking for a road partner Im leaving around June 1st
  46. Kenada

    What to be wary of?

    Thank you that’s a great idea!
  47. Kenada

    What to be wary of?

    Hey all, New traveler here, anyone have ways they’ve avoided bad scenarios while hitching?
  48. Kenada

    Hiya my names Kenada!

    Hi everyone, my name is Kenada. I’m 25 and just starting out on my journey. Being that I’m still a road pup I’m hoping to meet someone or a group of someone’s to journey with. I currently am in the Portland area. If you are in the area or plan to be and don’t mind pickin up this stray let me...

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