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  1. Strangeandsolo

    Lake powell and Zion . My trip this week

    Hey folk and fiends! I'm heading out to lake Powell and Zion national park, with the fam. Looking for tips and ideas. From Tucson to page. What's good ? I'll have a person who is disabled. ( she's tough as any other person of measure to be clear) and a 3 year old also my loyal pooch. He's well...
  2. Strangeandsolo

    Quarantine conundrum

    Exercise is like the only freedom left right now hahaha. But yeah the dogs I walk keep me fit. Just trying to stay busy and stay out of trouble. Currently i hide my pack all day at a friend's or I stash it, always have my mask on around my neck , having the mask and walking the dogs without my...
  3. Strangeandsolo

    Quarantine conundrum

    Hey it's been a while. Still in Tucson still hopping couches. But with no place to go like the library or any other free to loiter places. what the he'll are y'all doing to pass the time? I spend a lot of time doing dog walks and training for an older cpl who have unruly ,huge and loveable, pit...
  4. Strangeandsolo

    Video Flash Flooding in the Southwest 3/2020

    swift water rescue is like 10,000.00 dollars here in Tucson, we have a stupid motorist law ( its actually called that). just don't drive through flooded washes. I haven't heard of anyone camping in them getting washed away but I could happen. saturated topsoil and a few showers up stream and...
  5. Strangeandsolo

    tucson mcdonalds, your biking from missouri

    hey bro I told you about some camps and about this place (STP), my dog had the hurt paw and my sister picked us up. you were cool, the beads lol ,anyways hit me up here if ya see this 😉 stop lurking and sign up
  6. Strangeandsolo

    puppy pit bull "pig" stolen in Tucscon, AZ

    keep my eyes out me and my doggo get around Tucson
  7. Strangeandsolo

    facebook fawks van-dwellers

    My bad stp. i was a little out of it when i posted this and could not completely express my feelings. In 2015/2016 I quit facebook. Part of helping myself get sober. The way my world changed! I had less stress. I didnt feel so anxious, and most importantly I didnt thirst for attention anymore. I...
  8. Strangeandsolo

    facebook fawks van-dwellers so i got this in a google feed. im just so lost as to how we got to this point... facebook is not alive but it is real real... it is proof of skynet... the internet subverted to lie and kill and destroy.... anyways im...
  9. Strangeandsolo

    I am leaving Squat the Planet.

    No. places change, people grow, break and heal to grow anew, just to break heal and go on living till they dont. just like websites... RIP my first online fourm. god i was so different in 1998
  10. Strangeandsolo

    I am leaving Squat the Planet.

    Maybe i shouldn't speak as i dont really know much about Stp or the folks involved . however as a user i want to contribute constructively, and well it got me going. #1 says it all you dont feel connected to the community anymore. #2,3,4 and the related note are political and personal. (It...
  11. Strangeandsolo

    Photos share pictures of your buddy

    nap time at grandma's saw something at camp and looked away...
  12. Strangeandsolo

    One of the most disturbing things I have ever seen

    Just another sick day in arizona, pima county sheriffs are no joke, I see them as apex predators, i dont fuck with them at all period . I hide from them when i can but i dont run i dont do anything to provoke them, these guys run several jails and prisons: dead inmates, ain't but a ting... It...
  13. Strangeandsolo

    Resolved What if we started banning people from specific threads?

    I do like the idea of "shh grown folks are talking, go talk somewhere else" like extra trys to get it calm and together and to not fall for troll bait , or to do some research to prove your not talking out your ass that's great.. the idea of over turning a ban with an Internet...
  14. Strangeandsolo

    Resolved Staff appreciation thread

    THIS! IS LONG OVER DUE... Coywolf you got a hell of a point ! Thank you , Matt. I found this site at a low point in my life. It's helped me grow as a human. (Even Bums grow up a little bit) It has also given me tools for survival, entertainment beyond measure and without spoon feeding...
  15. Strangeandsolo

    Ideas on arizona to florida

    Koala thanks for the info. much respect for you international traveler's. We are going on around Oct 11th, time is not the issue staying safe is, AZ and NM have the longest stretches of road between most city's I've oogled. Texas is nice I'm told and hope.
  16. Strangeandsolo

    Ideas on arizona to florida

    thanks for the input coywolf! much respect for your thoughts, but yeah no trains ... yet... maybe as a plan B , my pup has some trust issues that he came to me with, he's mostly well trained, but bolts when he's scared. I don't trust him to do what needs done if hes scared, he doesn't trust...
  17. Strangeandsolo

    Ideas on arizona to florida

    would tucson>Las cruses>El Paso>San Antonio>Houston>Nola>Mobile>Pensacola>on to my dreams work? that's the direct line route but... I've only ever greyhounded that way. with a thumb and with a dog. I'm sure its more difficult.
  18. Strangeandsolo

    Ideas on arizona to florida

    Please if i can pick your brains ! how would folks here go about hitching with a dog he's 80 lbs and one pack, 40-50 lbs, I have 0 degree sleep gear+ pad. gonna tarp it. want to go east from the west stay south. doggo is well trained and super friendly and loves cars but soft ... trains are...
  19. Strangeandsolo

    google an oogle..or bing a bum?

    Google has suspended its controversial ‘field research’ that allegedly scanned homeless people - so the short seems app developers offered cash to scan your face. specifically targeted...
  20. Strangeandsolo

    The Pronouns Thread

    Tough topic... as I am thinking what to say here i have a feeling I am "un-safe" in having my mind and thoughts examined as I identify as "male" I have "boy" parts and I fall in the old common binary 2 gender system . Then part of me thinks what it must be like on the other hand of this...
  21. Strangeandsolo

    Photos I stayed at Nevada's most haunted Clown Motel and it was just okay

    Ditto Clint would have ripped off the wall hella fast...(also why we can't have nice things) Matt I thought you hates clowns.
  22. Strangeandsolo

    Photos I pulled the trigger....

    Congratulations! I am jellies. But...You got too please paint a giant dragon fighting a wizard on the side and purple shag carpet through out with lusty red interior lights!!! Jk jk congratulations still!
  23. Strangeandsolo

    Mole-People museum. Or ,dirt deposit box.

    Update... I'm prone to not finishing things ugh the clent..😑 so I'm really on a mission to do this. No I can't get down to really spend cash to get rare soil I am interested I.n getting some dirt shipped from y'all but bus stop, hop out, road side dirt is cool. I'll pm an address to interested...
  24. Strangeandsolo

    Mole-People museum. Or ,dirt deposit box.

    Cemetery dirt ... consecrated and pure yet unclean and contaminated... it would have a ghoulish story.
  25. Strangeandsolo

    Mole-People museum. Or ,dirt deposit box.

    As I don't have my own address yet... let me ask around I know someone will let me get dirt mailed to em... oh Kevin Costner 😍 so manly man with gils
  26. Strangeandsolo

    Mole-People museum. Or ,dirt deposit box.

    Ahh refreshing internet poo. The choice of a new breed of sapiens.... anyways scat jokes aside. Send me dirt!
  27. Strangeandsolo

    Mole-People museum. Or ,dirt deposit box.

    Are you employed in the field of collection? Like certified in manure management. Can you certify the fertiliser came from a reputable cesspool? If so see me for a hot date I may be in love.... but for really real I'm collecting dirt.... don't shit on me.
  28. Strangeandsolo

    Mole-People museum. Or ,dirt deposit box.

    So a friend of mine has been collecting dirt from around the world. From other friends trips and his own travels it's a pretty impressive collection sand from Iraq and Hawaii , soil from Canada ext. I thought this would be a cool idea for some here on STP. The story's with the dirt are the best...
  29. Strangeandsolo

    Featured STP memes

    Omfg the truth!
  30. Strangeandsolo

    Coal train cut off, or miner miscalculation.

    Unpaid Miners Blocked a Coal Train in Protest. Weeks Later, They’re Still There. - still at it! Pizza hut from Bernie Sanders! Wtf.
  31. Strangeandsolo

    Coal train cut off, or miner miscalculation. This seems to be the coal companies recent events.
  32. Strangeandsolo

    Coal train cut off, or miner miscalculation.

    Um what are you saying? Please explain. Corporations. Are large businesses made of smaller "incorporated" businesses. So no they are not people. And how are they boned? CSX got paid. To move coal. The coal the miners DID not get paid to dig.
  33. Strangeandsolo

    Coal train cut off, or miner miscalculation.

    Found this interesting article about CSX So it said the protesting workers let one train through because of the police. Howmuch do you think that was worth... CSX won't say who got the coal...
  34. Strangeandsolo

    Datura Innoxia aka Moonflower trip to the psychiatric ward

    Angels trumpet! Jimson weed is helllllllla not fun. I'm not as good a writer as you lupo So I'll stick to the brass tacks. The bad bad dehydration vomiting and vision problems ( i couldnt read text or see anything clearly the next day, thought i gave myself brain damage) after eating 1 seed...
  35. Strangeandsolo

    News & Blogs Find Your Way Without the Internet: 7 of the Best Offline Maps Apps

    This is a great post! I love or OsmAnd+ ( not mentioned but awsome) both can be found in the fdroid repos.
  36. Zoo


  37. Fok


  38. STP


    STP found underground Tucson
  39. Strangeandsolo

    Favorite conspiracy theories or ones that interest you

    this guy gets me. I check him every day. My fav!
  40. Strangeandsolo

    Blame the bum! Hes expendable. As usual let's blame some one society deems expendable . Glad they caught the actual killer's but how quick were they to start grouping all panhandlers into the " would be...
  41. Strangeandsolo

    Squatting Ghost Towns Out West

    I have to agree with slanky on this I tried it with my friend and his wife. In a small spot just out side of Tucson. It was a old cattle ranch it had a well attached to a water tank for the cows. However the pumping machinery was broken and it would have taken trucks $$$$ to fix. Water is life.
  42. Strangeandsolo

    St Augustine anti-homeless group harasses StP community

    First off this is sad shit fawk st. Augustine. Is there anyway to just block views on this thread from lurking anons? Just a thought to not give "intel" to the opposition. A disagreement on the web these days can lead to A lot of bad bad things. I am concerned about vigilante justice. Caring...
  43. Strangeandsolo

    Cuddling with close friends

    How much Molly was involved in that pic I wonder? Sorry for the edit but to add to the convo and not drive by comment... I find it hard to cuddle. Even with the opposite sex. I can cuddle dogs. Lol I do hugs. Also I like laying in bed with my lover in a cuddling way but sex has always been...
  44. Strangeandsolo

    Share your greyhound/shame hound/dirty dog horror stories

    Greyhound is a porta potty on wheels. However greyhounds employees are hands down the best. I got food and tix home 2x when work or life went bad God bless this little old lady in 2004 in el Cajon she got me home on 15.00 and 2 meal vouchers. Also... never leave greyhounds station no matter...
  45. Strangeandsolo

    Idea for next Southwest leg of Trip...

    If ya come do end up in Tucson I'm around! DM me. I'm a broke ass but there's some cool local stuff. Caves,mts,parks,underground stuff, edge of the military base to YouTube up!
  46. Strangeandsolo

    Soon to be the Clent! Cloak cape and tent!

    Secondly I just shared property rights with y'all if it ever makes anyone anything profitable the "clent" is "stp" property use that to make a hostel!
  47. Strangeandsolo

    Soon to be the Clent! Cloak cape and tent!

    I'm really excited it's three parts of the tents sewn in to the back of a cloak so one wall is the back of the Cloak the floor folds down from the shoulders and the sides come together with the zipper to make a teepee/ cone shape with the hood like a top vent . Pics soon to expand the idea...
  48. Strangeandsolo

    Burying your gear

    Padlock portPotty idea is awesome idea.
  49. Strangeandsolo

    Soon to be the Clent! Cloak cape and tent!

    But ya would look so cool standing on a train with your clent flowing and flapping in the wind jk jk
  50. Strangeandsolo

    Soon to be the Clent! Cloak cape and tent!

    I know if it looks good and is useful against the rain an bugs. More people will be interested.

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