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  1. valentine

    Schwillam/Sirius/Dru/Sean/Audio/What the fuck Ever.

    Met the guy in slabs Changed his name again(gnar/phoenix). Showed up with the pirates to tear down the camp ive been building for over a year. He was hanging at the ponderosa. He showed up Months later to weakly apologize and got dealt with. Then he stabbed his friend Turkey in the leg and got...
  2. valentine

    Resolved StP is seeking a discord admin

    I recommend the Reaction Role Bot. Allows users to add themselves to certain roles. This can be arbitrary titles and such. It can also be used to disable @everyone for users that wish to opt out of that.
  3. valentine

    2018 Jambo Rideshare!

    I'm out in Central Texas with storms on both sides. Waiting for flooding to finish before going to NM, AZ and Slabs. Hit me up.
  4. valentine

    Walking shoe recommendations?

    I've always worn cushy low skate shoes and walked in them until the backs blow out. They last a while and are comfortable. Waterproof enough if you dont step directly into puddles.
  5. valentine

    Brand new to site, almost beaten into submission by life, looking for a change, a chance, and a chapter.

    Unplugging is good for you. I'm a former sysadmin myself. Welcome to fray. Much good will for your journey. I'll pick you up if our paths cross in AL, LA or TX. Won't be down there for another few weeks.
  6. valentine

    Going back on the Road

    Thanks for the positive thoughts Chalky. I'm starting off in Detroit and headed for NOLA
  7. valentine

    Going back on the Road

    Hello all. You can call me Valentine. I'm getting back on the road after four years of domestication in various places. Many moons ago I had an RV (which died in Spokomton), for a while I lived on a Bluebird (sold to a Reggae band in Willits) and did a national tour with Renaissance faire. If I...
  8. valentine

    Best cop spotting apps?

    Runs in a browser and has an app: Others apps: If you want a dedicated device for monitoring.... Smaller public organizations can be listened to using scanners and cheap HAM radios (like the...
  9. valentine

    Best cop spotting apps?

    I recommend a CB radio. Tune to channel 19. Truckers are always calling out cops and other issues on the freeway.
  10. valentine

    The most random place you have fucked while traveling

    Dopamine is Dopamine dude. No matter what gets you there (Ice, MDMA, Acid, fucking, bragging) No one likes judgmental, off topic, holier than thou rants. You said it yourself. You don't like hobosexual orgy meth posts - just look away.
  11. valentine

    2018 Jambo Rideshare!

    I'm coming from Detroit by way of NOLA. Not sure when I'm taking off exactly, but soon. Tobacco-free vehicle with Dog. Room for 1-2
  12. valentine

    The most random place you have fucked while traveling

    I had the most beautiful woman bent over a fallen tree in the redwoods of Humbolt.

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