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  1. Kenada

    “Into the wild”

    Someone showed me this movie last night. If you haven’t seen the movie it’s worth a watch. My reasons for wanting to leave resonate with the main character. While his situation isn’t a cookie cutter match with my own there are definitely similarities. The experiences the main character has in...
  2. Kenada

    Photos My Travel Journal

  3. Kenada

    What to be wary of?

    Hey all, New traveler here, anyone have ways they’ve avoided bad scenarios while hitching?
  4. Kenada

    Hiya my names Kenada!

    Hi everyone, my name is Kenada. I’m 25 and just starting out on my journey. Being that I’m still a road pup I’m hoping to meet someone or a group of someone’s to journey with. I currently am in the Portland area. If you are in the area or plan to be and don’t mind pickin up this stray let me...

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