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  1. longhammer

    Camper Made for Bicycles

    Omg.... Wouldn't a tent be just as easy? Jeez
  2. longhammer

    Library How To DIY Bike Tour Zine

    Hey Matt, totally down for your bike trip too! I'm thinking of Ocala first though....I've taken the 101 trip. Amazing!
  3. longhammer

    Library How To DIY Bike Tour Zine

    FN badass!
  4. longhammer

    Fl to WA

    Hey all! Not really any advice to leave, but watching with interest, as I am leaving Texas for Florida in a couple days. !!!! Never been more than a couple miles on a bike. But I bought some shorts!
  5. longhammer

    2015 national rainbow gathering

    Well hello all fellow travelers! Still fairly new here. But love this place! Anyway, wanted to leave up to the minute coverage of Rainbow happenings (and rumors till dispelled) in one place! Spring Council WILL be held on the Pine Ridge Reservation in SD. So the chances of this year's Gathering...
  6. longhammer

    rainbow-ocala national forest This should get close to dispelling the rumors of MI. Hope to see you all there! Lovin yall!
  7. longhammer

    rainbow-ocala national forest

    I've read in several places the council will be there. But we won't even know the location of that till the 15th. So I'm leaving Spokane tomorrow and heading to Rapid City I think. If anyone knows of a chill spot to park and camp or some family in the area, let me know :)
  8. longhammer

    rainbow-ocala national forest

    Any new info family?
  9. longhammer

    Planning my long walk

    I'm planning something similar for next year! Seattle to the Keys and back. No hitching. Just hiking. I'm hoping in the 18 to 20 month range :)
  10. longhammer

    News & Blogs Living inside a landfill

    I have seen this in India. Remarkable the way these guys and gals make a living! Imagine what they could do if someone gave them more to work with!
  11. longhammer

    4 felony assault charges (cops)

    In Virginia eh? I had 3 counts of assault on a peace officer in 2008 there and possession of greens and pleaded it down to disorderly conduct and possession. 3 days in the hooskow and a $2500 fine... Just a public defender too! But the DUI is gonna be the bad one....
  12. longhammer

    News & Blogs Massive discovery for life in the universe

    I can't find anything from NASA about this... Hmmmm...

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