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  1. trashswag86

    Free Love and Orgies?

    That sounds like a good place to be. To many people get stuck on the supposed opportunities/freedom that the road will provide that they neglect everything around them. And then they hit the road and the homeless aspects of it really sink in for the first time. It can be lonely out there too.
  2. trashswag86

    Free Love and Orgies?

    I've heard people say that the difference between good times and bad times is that in bad times we feel we have no options, while in good times we feel we do. @Wheat2020 I think that fits with what you said about loneliness. For myself, I don't do relationships or sex. I have fleeting crushes...
  3. trashswag86

    Free Love and Orgies?

    [QUOTE="Wheat2020, p I had a free trial of netflix couple months ago, and the best thing I watched was Wild Wild Country, about the Osho cult in East Oregon in the 80's. They had free love. Seriously, I think cults are where it's at.
  4. trashswag86

    Free Love and Orgies?

    Well those Mormons are on the fringe anyway, arguably not Mormon at all, so it'd be okay. God loves all his people, why shouldn't you?
  5. trashswag86

    Free Love and Orgies?

    I read John Krakauer's Under The Banner of Heaven, and apparently there's at least one Mormon compound that practices free love. Your friend might try traveling through there.

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