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  1. Komjaunimas

    News & Blogs England : Fuck S144, Prosecution of Camden squatters collapses Just check the link, no need to copy paste...
  2. Komjaunimas

    QUESTION : European in USA

    Querying a search proved to be a difficult task... like searchin for XXX the movie *ehem*. so to the point... I have a few questions if they have been answered before please forgive me, but here it goes. 1. Has anyone from europe/or anybody knows someone from europe who got caught...
  3. Komjaunimas

    News & Blogs One time in a police station... Our house... Audacious squatters have set up home in an abandoned police station. The 15 east Europeans entered the boarded-up building in Norbury, and told officers who arrived five...
  4. Komjaunimas

    News & Blogs One of the biggest London squats evicted

    A little background info... My 2cents... from couple of years of constant visiting friends living in the place id say the number of people living would be close to 150+ if not 200, cause in the last...
  5. Komjaunimas

    Photos Squatted industrial unit London

    Here is our new squat 2 floors office space ... ~3000sq ft... and massive warehouse space... just settling in a place. Will update later.
  6. Komjaunimas

    Mental breakdown...

    What do you guys do to keep yourself away from mental breakdown ?... I'm in such state that if it keeps up i don't know whats going to happen, for the last weeks i'm in a Misanthropic / uncontrolable anger / trying to pick up a fight wherever it's possible / pure hate for everything, just don't...
  7. Komjaunimas

    London Meet-UP

    From 2011 09 21 i should be back in London for the winter. Anybody wanna meet up ? PM me here or text 07727831977 upwards from that date :)
  8. Komjaunimas

    Disturbing evening encounter in Amsterdam

    In 2010 July, me and my 2 friends (a guy and a girl) we're sitting on a curb near a channel, behind queens mansion in Amsterdam, smoking joints, drinking beer. It was a nice afternoon and suddenly an elderly couple and another elderly lady approached us. They all were in buisness suits, old guy...
  9. Komjaunimas

    Different summer

    This summer is going to be different from others for me, things turned for me completely unexpected. I've been on the road since 05 settling down in different places in Europe at different times of year and doing traveling at summer, but not this time. Came home after more than a year for 2...
  10. Komjaunimas

    My fastest hitchin trip ever

    From London(UK) to Vilnius(LT), 7 Countries,1300miles/2100km, 26hrs, 3 cars, 1 truck, 150eur kickdown. I started at 1AM in London, somewhat 20mins later a car stoped... what do you know it goes directly to Maastricht(NL). The driver was an ex-squatter, bought me beer and cigs, we had a lovely...
  11. Komjaunimas

    Trip to London

    it was 10.06.14 early monday morning, a friend gave me a goodbye present, small bag of weed. I got my backpack from my parents home, met my traveling partner Monique with her german shepard dog, got some vodka and was siting on the side of the highway sipping beer, in 5min we got our first ride...
  12. Komjaunimas

    Photos Squatters/Squats in London

    Photos do not belong to me, but there are alot of photos of people from Lithuania and other east europe countrys, thats why im sharing them. Stayed for some time in Riley's Squat and Elmdale Rd squat Flickr: squata'lala everydy's Photostream
  13. Komjaunimas

    Music listening "fetishes"

    I'm almost sure, that everyone has specific methods for reaching climax than listening to music, lets share :) Mine would be. Putting the volume on my PC speakers really loud, closing the door of my room and going somewhere to the other room or balcony to smoke, this way the sound filters...
  14. Komjaunimas

    G20 protester jailed for 2 years for attempt to set fire to bank Eh, he was my classmate and a good person... On the left
  15. Komjaunimas

    Travel log thrue 15 countries...

    06.15 Woke up on monday aphter few hours sleep and endless drinking the day before, last minute adjustments such as health insurance, currency exchange and we are on the highway Vilnius - Kaunas, we were lucky to catch a ride in about 5 minutes, standing on the route Kaunas - Poland wasn't so...
  16. Komjaunimas


    If anyone will be in Amsterdam or somewhere near it from ~12 20 and wants to meet up for a beer or coffee PM me :)
  17. Komjaunimas

    Photos Photos : Ex Squat Kablys (Iron Hook)

    Photos from a gig 2009.05.10 XI.20
  18. Komjaunimas

    Up to life sentence for lithuanian punkrocker

    I was going to school with this guy for few years ... Banko Anglijoje padeg?jui lietuviui gresia ilgi metai kal?jimo | DELFI <--- This article is in lithuanian nad for some reason google translate refuses to translate the page. So i just translated the text using the same translator, it has...
  19. Komjaunimas

    Hungary, Greece

    Hey guys maybe any of you could hook me up with contacts with squats, or guys that could help? Info where "alternative" kids are drinking, good bars etc etc... Because for 5 years ive been hanging around Poland, Germany, Netherlands, France etc, but never were to east countrys
  20. Komjaunimas

    Random friend encounters

    Post your most random friend encounters, like : your home is in some southern state in suburbs, you travel to new zealand and meet a friend which you havent seen in years.
  21. Komjaunimas

    Hello there ...

    Well im not good with introductions but ill give it a try. Im male, 20 from a small country in East Europe, Lithuania. Currently a collage dropout. Im not very relliable, because i lack will and tend to fuck things up. Im very communicable, charismatic and warm person, who likes going out...
  22. Komjaunimas

    Riots in Lithuania

    Curently people of Lithuania is trying to take over the building of governemnt, the revolution has risen ... about 10k people are attacking cops. Many injured and so on... chaos in the main street of Vilnius :D ... im going to riot now ... ill keep you guys updated on the news later :D
  23. Komjaunimas

    Cant stop thinking...

    It's about half a year now, i can't go to sleep normally because of thoughts in my had, a lack of "doing something" and etc. Do you ever think that you aren't doing anything in your life, you lack a reason to do something, but you also think that if you start doing something you'll think that it...
  24. Komjaunimas

    Unusual evening

    Well here in europe (Lithuania) you can ride public transport without ticket (you need one, but there are no conductors they board randomly). So yesterday me completely drunk got off the bus and conductor came, asked if i had light, i noticed he had 1liter of vodka and asked for a sip. He...
  25. Komjaunimas

    45 Day Hitching, Train Surfing, Europe

    Well I'm new, so in short about me: I'm an almost 20-year old punkrocker from Vilnius, Lithuania. I'm proficient in the Lithuanian, Russian, and English (85% out of 100% in graduation exam) languages. Intermediate in Polish, German. Beginner in Spanish 07 03 We were partying in a friends...

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