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  1. spockily

    Once again I'm finding myself back on stp

    Been off the rails for a couple of years I'm starting to hate being housed up really thinking about taking off again I thought that I would be complete with having a job settling down and now starting to realize that I'm just done lol not new to this site but thought I should probably make my...
  2. spockily


    So is anyone going to be in Alaska for salmon season
  3. spockily


    so i have asthma and i was woundering how people with it are traveling and what do yall do when you have no insurence and a attack on the road i rarley have them but when i do they are normally pretty bad i do have a inhaler and also a nebulizer but the nebulizer is way to heavy to be carrying...
  4. spockily

    umm hello

    hey whats up people im new to this whole traveling thing but im finding myself wanting and craving a need to just see whats out there and what a new life could have in store for me im not really expecting much i just really need time to do some soul searching and figure out where i belong self...

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