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  1. Phaedrus

    Best Places in British Columbia

    Scared the shit gotta myself at twin lakes lol. Had to show off for the hippy chicks we met there and I suppose it was worth it ha ha
  2. Phaedrus

    cold, long and empty

    alright, i have decided i will hop out of smith falls . thanks for the info guys,any more useful tips?
  3. Phaedrus

    cold, long and empty

    how long am i gonna be on those trains
  4. Phaedrus

    cold, long and empty

    how long would that ride on the intermodel take there wisehop?
  5. Phaedrus

    cold, long and empty

    im leaving monday. i havent decided on the train yet. i know its bound to be alot warmer than my last ride and i survived that lol. i feel ill fair well with the truckers though
  6. Phaedrus

    cold, long and empty

    it took me a bit to figure that out you gotta drag the cursor on the map and it will show you different routes. and yeah man, can always hope for something like that im not always so lucky though. i dont think it will be too bad for weather anyway, been through worse. i think im gonna try for a...
  7. Phaedrus

    cold, long and empty

    hey ya'll, im currently havin a pit stop at my sisters in Ottawa before i continue west bound to Winnipeg. ill be taking the seventeen highway. i got sudbury somewhere in the middle. thunder bay near the end. Its about 2200 km. i wont have any money for the trip but i g2g asap. i have work and...
  8. Phaedrus

    Different types of travelers

    Lol I don't understand, am I missing something
  9. Phaedrus

    Different types of travelers

    Fuck what's wrong with traveller, who gives a shit why the standards? I use lots of different travel methods. Sometimes I'm broke and sometimes I we'll off

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