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  1. LeeenPocket

    Running DnD/Pathfinder at the Jambo

    Pretty stoked about this. Jay's coming up with some campaign ideas. He can DM if needed, but I know he'd rather be a player. We were at one of those pay by the pound goodwills yesterday and found a bunch of double-sided gaming map pieces which probably ended up costing a couple cents a piece...
  2. LeeenPocket

    Running DnD/Pathfinder at the Jambo

    Also, we plan to show up early and stay for a whiiile after. So, post-jambo questing is an option.
  3. LeeenPocket

    Running DnD/Pathfinder at the Jambo

    Hey! Two potential 3.5 DMs here. We got character sheets, dice, minis, hard copy core books, and pretty much every other book in digital format. Super excited. Been rubber tramping for a few months and haven't been able to play at all. I don't have a ton of DM experience myself, my partner has...

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