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  1. EphemeralStick

    Randy Martin not welcome at jambo

    @Matt Derrick that's only the crap I experienced. He gained notoriety throughout the slabs for his jack ass nature. He ended up setting up shop at the castle where from what I hear he went full tyrant. Whatever, what's done is done.
  2. EphemeralStick

    Randy Martin not welcome at jambo

    It got really bad after awhile. For one, he doesn't even travel. I remember when he and some dirty kids went on a spange mission and he came back and started giving everyone advice on how to make the most money spanging like he was doing it for years. It was his first time. He also had no...
  3. EphemeralStick

    Randy Martin not welcome at jambo

    I posted on one of the flyer posts, but like I said, he probably won't listen to me. I'm not sure there's a way to prevent him from showing up in the slabs but we sure as fuck can make sure he doesn't hang around the library.
  4. EphemeralStick

    Randy Martin not welcome at jambo

    @Cornelius Vango Dear christ I'm glad you said something. I can vouch for this, I've been noticing his posts on facebook as well but I was waiting to see how things played out. Now that I know your opinions on the matter I'll send him a message as well. Though given that he and I don't exactly...

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