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  1. sydneybla


    I am trying learn polish, if anybody knows how to speak/write any Eastern European language, it would be awesome if we can converse and practice together. :-)
  2. sydneybla

    Random Manifesto

    I have been goin through some rough patches at home, school, etc. (you know the average emotional story of teenage life) but as I have been having trouble with holding onto my beliefs and dreams. So much pressure is being put on me and i just want to be balanced and at peace. This is my message...
  3. sydneybla

    The Mind Parasites

    I have read about these things, once, and how they are in your mind. They hide themselves so well, almost no one knows of their existence. No one. But, some people, have gotten close. These parasites have almost uncovered themselves in the minds of great men. Men, who, explored this infinity...
  4. sydneybla

    Thoughts on Finishing the Last of That Whiskey...

    For a while, I was struggling with alcohol and getting into trouble. I wrote a kind of poem/story about the last time I drank and what was going through my head at the time. Well, here it is.. Yeah, things are a little more easier now. Those couple of sips work wonders, eh? I know it was...
  5. sydneybla


    hi. my name is sdyney and i just joined stp. : P im really interested in zines and if anybody else is, add me and we can talk about them. i havent done much traveling, though. there is a train yard by my house and i would love to learn to train hop maybe during the summer. : )

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