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  1. VikingAdventurer

    Randy Martin not welcome at jambo

    Ohhh... he's back again? In all honesty, I would say that if he shows up, and I'm there, I'll give him *ONE* chance to behave. If he fucks off that one chance, things will NOT go well between him & I. I will personally see to his ejection from the slabs. I only say this because there might...
  2. VikingAdventurer

    Randy Martin not welcome at jambo

    @EphemeralStick ... What. The. FUCK. I didn't hear about ANY of that shit. Wow. That is exactly the type of person that I try to fucking AVOID in my life.
  3. VikingAdventurer

    Randy Martin not welcome at jambo

    I agree. I thought he was alright at first, but then I noticed how much he was drinking, and that he started trying to take charge of EVERYTHING.

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