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  1. 40 Hands

    Worst State to Hitch Through?

    So my experiences in long distance hitching with strangers isnt that long yet (but my how thats rapidly changing). Either or ive been told kansas is one of the hardest places to get through and its almost worth going north to nebraska. Any input advice stories or side effects are welcome. I...
  2. 40 Hands

    summer Ca an Co events???

    hitchin to Ca an Co fro Wi an wanna find traveler friendly events cant imagine there arent any
  3. 40 Hands


    In solidarity with the Occupy movement we are looking at squatting out 2 buildings in Rockford IL. One will be used to open up an Info Shop and Bike Coop, and the other will be a Living Coop. We need a team of seasoned squatters to join us in our efforts to complete this mission. If anyone is in...
  4. 40 Hands

    Postal people and songs not to be played...

    So this is a short story / thread about a freind of mine Destrukto. He was a walking time bomb, a beligerently obnoxious punk that hardly listened to punk music. He was twice the character sid viscious wanted to be and twice as explosive. This guy was effected by music hardcore, and i can...
  5. 40 Hands

    Screw City

    I wouldnt advise anyone to go out of their way to come out to Rockford IL aka Screw City, but if ya happen to be in the area this could really help out. The citys pretty decent for skateboarding and squatting, seeing how in every extreme corner of the city there is a skate park of some...
  6. 40 Hands

    Riot House

    So this is the story of a squat named the riot house. It was mid spring and my friend spatch was getting kicked outta the punk house we had been inhabiting. one morning spatch found out that a house located just blocks down the street had been taken in bankruptcy from his GFs uncle. We swooped...

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