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  1. 40 Hands

    rafting the mississippi...

    Actually me and a bunch of kids wanna host a rat race down the missisip. Everyone starts in one town (were thinkin quad cities since thered be 4 cities to hit for raft building supplies for everyone to work). Only rule is you have to build your own raft, not buy or jack one. Finish line in NOLA...
  2. 40 Hands

    Britt Iowa

    On my way!!! Starts on the 9th right?
  3. 40 Hands

    Nederland, CO

    Idk i saw a bunch of train kids go and got ran out by the cops for panhandeling, but they were told not to. Other than that camping is great out there, i havent had a problem with any of the locals but it wasnt as easy as i heard to hitch out there. Atleast not the Ned to Ward way we went. Heard...
  4. 40 Hands

    Nederland, CO

    Im in boulder right now thinkin bout goin to ned or fort collins. Havent been to Ft Collins yet so i cant decide.. Where are you? Do i kno you? lol.
  5. 40 Hands

    Nederland, CO

    Sounds rad ill prolly check out both these towns pretty soon!
  6. 40 Hands

    Best places in the midwest

    im in kc now weres good spanging busking spots in kc? also whats good with lawrence??? was gonna by pass it till now
  7. 40 Hands

    Worst State to Hitch Through?

    My friend always hits the truck stops and asks semi truckers for rides. Note he usually travels alone with about zero gear (clothes on his back, a hobo tool, sharpie, and bic lighter). But he says he always flys through Iowa like lightning. He also recommends flying a sign with a basic...
  8. 40 Hands

    Event [Jun 22, 2012] Plan-it-x Fest 2012 (Bloomington, IN)

    Meh im from wiskansin, so i guess i was just referring to east of there, the opposite direction of where im heading....
  9. 40 Hands

    Starting a zine

    Hey do you mind if we print this off an distro. it in the midwest? It would of course remain free as the rent we dont pay garunteed. And also you got space for a rouge writer? Im looking for zines to send articles to. Im cooking one up on the NATO 5 right now. Itll include contact info on how to...
  10. 40 Hands

    Hopeful Squat In Humboldt

    Im down as the ground headin out to humbolt in the not too distant future as well. Ill have 2 road dogs to join as well.
  11. 40 Hands

    Worst State to Hitch Through?

    Damn so your telling me i should hit vegas before SLC??? Only way i leave vegas is when ive one upped the hangover.... godamnit im goin to jail.... ....prolly several times..... lmao
  12. 40 Hands

    What classifies someone as a "slut"?

    (excuse my double post but my first was pretty far off topic) And I would consider certain nymphos sluts since well theres a bunch of them that will fuck ANYTHING. Then i would throw in most of those jersey shore looking bitches, but thats a bogus assumption i doubt ill be able to drop. But to...
  13. 40 Hands

    What classifies someone as a "slut"?

    I started taggin skank in reference to the dance and or bandanna so it ended up sticking as a road name for me. But since i have yet to meet a person that knows were the term comes from im pretty sure im reverting back to 40 hands (my stencil art name). That an ive ran into a couple people from...
  14. 40 Hands

    Screw City

    Yeah i hear ya but thats just what happens to be in the pics. The place is a big blend of people with similar ideals and interests. Some rock hott topic and mass produced garbage and others like lil joey (15 yo kid with the giant spikes) are different. Its not about style bro, its about having a...
  15. 40 Hands

    Worst State to Hitch Through?

    Hitched Missouri in a couple hours so im gonna say the 44 is pretty friendly, id recommend it atleast.
  16. 40 Hands

    Worst State to Hitch Through?

    So my experiences in long distance hitching with strangers isnt that long yet (but my how thats rapidly changing). Either or ive been told kansas is one of the hardest places to get through and its almost worth going north to nebraska. Any input advice stories or side effects are welcome. I...
  17. 40 Hands

    Places You Hate Most

    I havent ran across anything i hate yet, but i did dislike St Louis a bit. I busked the cardinals game for like 2 hours and didnt get a dime.... Then some homebum shows up in all new clothes (cardinals clothes) and tells us he hates this damn team and is ready to get home to chicago cuz he just...
  18. 40 Hands

    Event [Jun 22, 2012] Plan-it-x Fest 2012 (Bloomington, IN)

    THIS IS BULLSHIT WHY IS THE EAST COAST POPPIN SO HARD WHEN I HEAD WEST?!?!?!?! .... All these events I really wanna go to and cant are pissin me off!!! :,(
  19. 40 Hands

    Punknomad Camp at Rainbow Gathering.

    I wana go to this so bad but im already headin west and its too late to stop me..... :L Oh well always next year...
  20. 40 Hands

    summer Ca an Co events???

    hitchin to Ca an Co fro Wi an wanna find traveler friendly events cant imagine there arent any
  21. 40 Hands

    Dude, this is sold out, but HOLY SHIT....

    yeah id love to go but getting to euro is nearly impossible for me
  22. 40 Hands


    This sounds pretty awesome, if i somehow make it out there in time ill totally check that out!
  23. 40 Hands

    Lost all meaning, hoping to find some on the freight train.

    Im planning on riding freights after i get to cali. Were are you at? Sorry to hear about your friends i hope things get better for you.
  24. 40 Hands


    In solidarity with the Occupy movement we are looking at squatting out 2 buildings in Rockford IL. One will be used to open up an Info Shop and Bike Coop, and the other will be a Living Coop. We need a team of seasoned squatters to join us in our efforts to complete this mission. If anyone is in...
  25. 40 Hands

    g8 summit and rnc and..

    G8 is May 15th ive been tryin to figure out where it will be located but havent gotten that much info yet. Ill keep this thread posted about any info i may find. :)
  26. 40 Hands

    Screw City

    Probably is now days but it used to be called that back in the day and thats what I call it :p Most people stick to crackford. Its not as appealing to me.
  27. 40 Hands

    Postal people and songs not to be played...

    Pierce the veil does that too me as well as country western. But i can tolerate a little country western for a ride, but that weird acoustic emo metal? no... not at all. Not a minute, not a second, not a flinch, period. :/
  28. 40 Hands

    busted/jacked up tooth causing me to almost black out...

    If your in Rockford IL and need dental work hit up crusader dental. They do anything for $30 TOPS and if your traveling they tend to do alot of dental kick downs for zip zero zilch. You can find them on broadway aka hooker ave.
  29. 40 Hands

    busted/jacked up tooth causing me to almost black out...

    Yeah but be carefull you dont bust a tooth on chewing cloves. Went from dealing with an absest tooth to a busted tooth (knocked the filling and a chunk of tooth off) AND abcessed tooth
  30. 40 Hands

    Postal people and songs not to be played...

    So this is a short story / thread about a freind of mine Destrukto. He was a walking time bomb, a beligerently obnoxious punk that hardly listened to punk music. He was twice the character sid viscious wanted to be and twice as explosive. This guy was effected by music hardcore, and i can...
  31. 40 Hands

    The word "Oi"

    Dunno but we call em skanks (bandannas) and ive seen it picking up popularity ever since crusties have been showin up in town more often. I was at the local ghetto shop the other day and some really urban chick was rockin a skank and told us how she picked it up from us. we were like its great...
  32. 40 Hands

    Not outa the woods yet

    I think ill be quoting this anytime times are good.
  33. 40 Hands

    Santa Cruz (dos and donts?)

    Dude im in it for the skate prospects. Earn money trimmin nor cal then pick up a santa cruz board from the OG shop and do all the pool skating (my fav) a guy could wish for. Sounds awesome to me, maybe ill even learn to surf or something, but i doubt it :p
  34. 40 Hands

    engine cooking

    When on long roadies i toss hot dogs on the heat vents and crank em. Doesnt take very long :p
  35. 40 Hands

    college towns

    Madison Wisco is pretty sick in the summer time. Ive seen wicked kick downs on the east side. Must of made $45 in less than 10 min at a stop light off HWY 51. And the cops dont suck as much as most towns. Gotta say, all in all i love Madtown :p
  36. 40 Hands

    Doggie Dreads?

    What exactly are you trying to imply here? lol
  37. 40 Hands

    Santa Cruz (dos and donts?)

    I feel like these are those several signs ya see in adventure / horror movies that say turn im serious turn the fuck around...why wont you turn around?!, but im obviously about to learn the hard way.... Atleast theres a bit of foresight to this story lol.
  38. 40 Hands

    How to keep yourself busy when your housed up

    Ive been getting into stencils lately too, fun stuff!! I also have been writing zine articles for a couple zines out this way. Viva La Zines!!!
  39. 40 Hands

    Screw City

    I have to get my thumb drive down there so i can get some pix of the garden online. That was the goal of using fridges, was that they were trashing our town, so we made that trash productive! We do the same thing with old tires :p and yeah we dont actually use miracle grow, ive just long since...
  40. 40 Hands

    Screw City

    Okay For now all i could find was a small clipet of a planter box. ill get more when they get the internet back up in a few days. But we took like 6 old fridges and filled them with dirt and miracle grow and made planter boxes for peas, herbs, and green onions. Its a bad picture but oh well Did...
  41. 40 Hands

    Screw City

    Fa show ill look some up, i know we got them. There was a news crew at one of them, it was pretty cool. Im not sure if they aired the garden, but i know they aired the time we were fighting a "Offensive Use of Property" charge. Theyve been off our ass since then pretty much.
  42. 40 Hands

    Screw City

    LOL thats me and my then roomate getting stoked at how people were pouring out an hour early for the show lol. That kid is one of the backbones to the whole joint, love that kid.
  43. 40 Hands

    DIY / Traditional Tattoos

  44. 40 Hands

    Screw City

    What?! thats awesome you picked up some work. Lol no its in Rockford lol, just on the west side. Ill have to get my ass down there and visit ya while your in town. Heres a picture of the railing i was describing when ya go to find it. And like i said its across the street from a community...
  45. 40 Hands


    Having a pet Badger would be nice as well, i am rather fond of badgers... Viscous little bastards :p
  46. 40 Hands

    DIY Insect Repellent

    Its what ive done all summer :)
  47. 40 Hands

    Using car batteries for power source?

    The first time i went to the Disastr House in Rockford IL they were throwing a punk show with no electricity. They ran an extension cord from an abandoned building 2 houses away (that we later found out that it was stealing power from the street light in the alley behind it somehow) to power the...
  48. 40 Hands

    zippo fuel alternatives?

    Ive got 2 zippos that are dead right now. ill try this out on the crappy one. Im a pretty big sailor jerrys fan, and id hate to muck that one up with anything.

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