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  1. MrD


    I am starting to grow concerned about the mental integrity of TheUndeadPhoenix....
  2. MrD

    Hitchhiking info for southern california

    Take a bus or metro out of LA, then the 101 all the way.
  3. MrD

    Documentary Film

    Yeah, you and everyone else..
  4. MrD

    The N-Bomb

    Well, It is not a stretch to say that allot of the "Punks" i have met are EXTREMELY ignorant
  5. MrD

    The N-Bomb

    What were you expecting?
  6. MrD

    Santa Barbara, CA

    And the one of the highest rates of HIV in America..
  7. MrD

    NOLA - Halloween

    Few people got stabbed.
  8. MrD

    NOLA - Halloween

    You and EVERYONE else....
  9. MrD

    Santa Barbara, CA

    The FNB ended a few years ago. Unless someone else started it up?
  10. MrD

    Santa Barbara, CA

    Santa Barbra rules. I live like 30min away and go there all the time. There are always shows there!! State street and the beach are amazing. People like to hate on it because there are tons of richers there, But all in all SB kicks ass!
  11. MrD


    There used to be a great thread on that. I wonder what happened to it...
  12. MrD


    I met a "Scat" that fits that description so many years back in my hometown. He's a pretty generic traveler guy. But I do remember him being super friendly and fun to be around!
  13. MrD

    your team

    ooooohhh fuck no
  14. MrD

    your team

  15. MrD

    stupid knuck tattoos

    It should!
  16. MrD

    stupid knuck tattoos

  17. MrD

    Brew It Yourself

    Add 2 cups of sugar and the packet of yeast. Mix it up and put a balloon over the top of the jug. Soon enough, fucking wine.
  18. MrD

    Your site has gone to shit.

    All else was automatically discredited
  19. MrD

    Your site has gone to shit.

    This thread is getting increasingly more ignorant STOP THIS NOW
  20. MrD

    First Time Traveler

  21. MrD

    Photos Does StP like my new Tattoo?!

    Who the fuck is Freddie? Wut? I got it maybe a month ago now.
  22. MrD

    Your site has gone to shit.

    You just went full retard.....
  23. MrD

    Brew It Yourself

    I just finished making 2 gallons of wine. Everything went better than expected! Used fresh orange juice from the tree in my back yard and black berries i dumpstered. Only took 7 days to completely ferment. And godamn is it strong! Super sour but overall fantastic! Will do again.
  24. MrD

    Your site has gone to shit.

    Trolling is a art ect. ect.
  25. MrD

    Question: What to do when you meet a Gang Banger

    That was one of the whitest things I have ever read....
  26. MrD

    Your site has gone to shit.

    On a site that you hate? You also never explained for me just how connecting to a social networking site is "selling out". I would still like you to explain this!
  27. MrD

    Felony advice...

    Yeah, idk about you, but I would rather NOT go up against someone with YEARS of formal schooling in law, plus YEARS of on the job training.. Especially when it comes to something like my freedom........
  28. MrD

    Felony advice...

    Most people are not Ted Bundy...
  29. MrD

    Felony advice...

    That is a highly stupid idea.
  30. MrD

    Felony advice...

    Thats what a Public Defender is for!! I personally would strongly suggest against running. If it was a very serious charge, if he EVER gets his name ran, he will be taken in on a warrant and given an extra charge for running. If you dont feel like it is a serious enough offense to be...
  31. MrD

    Your site has gone to shit.

    ooh trust me, I have. I want to know YOUR ooh so strong feelings on it!
  32. MrD

    Your site has gone to shit.

    How is connecting to a social media site in ANYWAY "selling out"? And for god sakes why is your font in green!?!?
  33. MrD

    Photos Does StP like my new Tattoo?!

    Less that 2 hours. I forget.
  34. MrD

    Hey I'm Sarah

    Woah woah woah, back the fuck up, what link?
  35. MrD

    Question about diet and health while pregnant.

    I would strongly sugest you take this to a doctor, and NOT rely on a bunch of random people who are un-trained in the subject. Or at least google it....
  36. MrD

    dumb traveler names

    Yea, its kinda hard to forget a guy with "horse shit" tattoo'd across his face....
  37. MrD

    Meaning of Life

    The meaning of life is to spend as much time as possible inside on the computer. Everything else is just filler.
  38. MrD

    Photos Does StP like my new Tattoo?!

    I think the last of the train riders on the site might dig it!
  39. MrD

    It was alright, crazy trip all in all!

    It was alright, crazy trip all in all!
  40. MrD

    ooh yea, sorry I have the worst memory! To answer your question, no. I wound up getting my...

    ooh yea, sorry I have the worst memory! To answer your question, no. I wound up getting my passport in time to make it. Unfortunately they didn't like me too much at the boarder and I wound up doing a night in jail, lol!
  41. MrD

    sorry, but what?

    sorry, but what?
  42. MrD

    Making plastic anything!

    Relevant: When I did this, I noticed that you had to use multiple layers of plastic so it would not rip while sewing it. The downside to shit is that it makes the material extremely stiff.
  43. MrD

    Epic Faillllllll.

    Yea, thats Havre alright.... 1,ooo mile check...
  44. MrD

    Abandoned Philly

    From what I heard that was some personal drama going down. But you know how rumors go... Aside from getting locked INSIDE of paradise, it was a pretty chill. The landlord (assuming at least. He had a key to the gate) wound up letting us out when we realized we were stuck.
  45. MrD

    Epic Faillllllll.

    Oohh, now I get what you mean by this! They are called gondolas. Great pics by the way! Looks like you had a good time.
  46. MrD

    Epic Faillllllll.

    Props to you for getting out there and going on your first ride alone!
  47. MrD

    Earth & Animal Liberation Fronts

    Sounds legit to me..
  48. MrD

    Technology: Best friend and worst enemy

    It was kinda put on the back burner, but I still work on it often! I would love it if you wrote something up!
  49. MrD

    News & Blogs nice blog on crusty kids

    That seriously just got more and more funny as I scrolled down!

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