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  1. MrD

    Photos Does StP like my new Tattoo?!

    I think the last of the train riders on the site might dig it!
  2. MrD

    Technology: Best friend and worst enemy

    So I am working on a Zine about technology, and the impact it has on all of our lives. But more specifically tho, about the internet, and how it has become so intertwined with our lives, that it has become a new reality. Really, Really pressing on the mental and emotional holds it has on us...
  3. MrD

    Need Help In Olympia

    So I am kinda helping out someone close to me when I ask this, so any help will be greatly appreciated. If anyone lives in, or has spent a GOOD amount of time in Olympia within the past 5 months or so, and is willing to help me out a bit on this one, please PM me. A friend of a loved one...
  4. MrD


    Interwebz in cool, but Interwebz lacks one thing, HEART! Lets fucking send each other letters,stickers,patches, pictures,drawings,mixtapes, anything homemade and anything awesome! Its winter now and a buncha people are have settled down, so now is the perfect time! PM me if you are...
  5. MrD

    13 Cops, 13 Guns

    Part of a much longer, much more intense letter I wrote to a friend. This is the good part: 13 Cops, 13 Guns: I always figured that no one really paid attention to freight trains, But I guess I was wrong. Besides, when you are just walking on an overpass and see 4 kids on a train out of the...
  6. MrD

    Whats the deal with...

    kids wearing their headlamps like a fucking fashion accessory? Explain this madness!!
  7. MrD

    feature on google maps

    Seems to be in the early stages, but is still cool It gives alright information on long trips too I typed in Los Angeles-Chicago and got route directions, So it could be useful in planing a long tour
  8. MrD

    Spine Health

    Thought i would start a thread about keeping your bones healthy. I could not find much on here about this topic. Any thoughts on how to keep your back, and major joints up and runnin while on the road?
  9. MrD

    Bottle Cap Snake

    So here is a craft that I learned as a kid, but still think it is cool. Fun thing to do while waiting for a train! -Collect up about 80-100 bottle caps Bars are a great place, go in and ask the bartender for em' -Don't use bent ones, they will not work out in the end -Stab a...
  10. MrD

    some times motion is the only thing that keeps me alive

    so here goes nothing, Im Mr.D im 17, and have been traveling for about 7 months now. I love trains, just cant get enough. im xvx, more or less freegan, ill do roadkill, or dumpsrtered non-vegan food, but will never buy non-vegan, so you can call it whatever you want, im not even sure been...

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