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  1. Katbearfoot

    How and when to discuss polyamory with potential partners

    I’ve always been polyamorous, but have only recently accepted/ realized my ‘true nature’. I’ve had a bit of trouble with my last three partners (but they probably just weren’t right for me).. ended up just being one night stands, which wasn’t what I was looking for.. it was frustrating for me...
  2. Katbearfoot

    Photos Favorite place on Earth, so far?

    Where is your favorite place, so far? For me, it’s Morocco. That is where I found my peace. In particular, I enjoyed Asilah, Chefchaouen, and the desert near Zagora/Mhamid Chefchaouen: Desert:
  3. Katbearfoot

    Walking shoe recommendations?

    It’s time for me to get new shoes. What’s the best pair of shoes you ever had? I’m looking for a good quality pair that I can walk hundreds, maybe thousands?, of miles in. idk.. I walk a lot. They gotta be waterproof and good in hot and cold weather (but I try to avoid the super cold...
  4. Katbearfoot

    Kick it worldwide? Portugal, Europe, Africa, free-style, anywhere

    What’s up? I’ll be in Portugal from mid-October until at least mid-November. I’d like to get into some hitchhiking or some other adventure.. I can stay in the Schengen area until January 14.. So maybe head over to Cyprus (or some other non-schengen country).. or pop over to Morocco when my time...

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