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  1. erisACAB

    Who is in Olympia? Bored af.

    Who is in Olympia? Bored af.
  2. erisACAB

    Just chewing tobacco.

    Just chewing tobacco.
  3. erisACAB

    Day 11 of this 16 day research study. So ready to get the fuck outta here.

    Day 11 of this 16 day research study. So ready to get the fuck outta here.
  4. erisACAB

    Anyone carry cameras/laptops?

    My ex used to carry his DSLR with him while traveling, it never got damaged but it was also rarely used, therefore not really worth the extra weight. He just kept it at the top of his bag, so he could still sit on the bottom of his pack. The bag was similar to the one in the picture. It has a...
  5. erisACAB

    Homeless to Homesteader. Anyone here successfully make the transition?

    After years and years of traveling I'm finally at a point where I'm (kinda) ready to settle down and get a small piece of property. Hoping by the end of this year my partner and I will be able to afford to buy a few acres somewhere. A home base where we can still take off and travel a bit when...
  6. erisACAB

    Getting a non registered dog onto Greyhound

    You can find tons of templates online to make a tag. Just edit it with your dogs picture and all your info. Go to a Kinkos, print it on cardstock and get it laminated. Looks super legit and will shut em up real fast. Also, on megabus it always helped if I would say that someone disabled while...
  7. erisACAB

    Music swap/File Sharing

    Trying to find the best way to share music among friends and acquaintances. At the moment I have an extra Dropbox account I've made, that I've been passing the login around to my friends with large collections of music, so they can take and leave whatever music they'd want to share. It's working...
  8. erisACAB

    Van, bus or trailer?

    Currently traveling in a older ford van and I dig the setup. Nice big bed and plenty of storage, but I feel you on wanting to stand up, cook inside and being able to carry more people. Prior to the van I was traveling in a older ford f150 with an in bed camper, and was a pretty nice setup. You...
  9. erisACAB

    BARF (Bones And Raw Food) On The Road

    You'd have to look at the feeding guidelines on the packaging, it's been a few years since I've been on foot and buying food like that. It was pretty worth it to me, it's so much lighter. But you do have to keep in mind you always have enough water for you, your dog, and to prepare your dogs...
  10. erisACAB

    BARF (Bones And Raw Food) On The Road

    So, looking at Petcos site there's a brand called Spots Farm that sells for around 50.00 bucks for a 8lb bag, but that bag makes 32lbs of fresh food. Compared to other high end dog foods, it's not horribly expensive.
  11. erisACAB

    BARF (Bones And Raw Food) On The Road

    When I was on foot I was a fan of dehydrated dog food. It was ridiculously light and usually really high protein. The main downside is the cost. It gets expensive for sure, but it makes your pack 100000000 times lighter. Finding it seems to have gotten easier. A few years ago I had to look for...
  12. erisACAB

    12v Food Warmer

    I've seen these at truck stops a bunch but don't have any experience using them. My partner and I have a inverter that will run our slow cooker in our van.Since they cook at such a low heat you don't need a huge inverter like you would for a hot plate or foreman grill. It's fucking awesome to...
  13. erisACAB

    Best jeans for travel

    I've had luck buying men's pants and altering them to fit me better. You just have to make sure your stitches are solid. I usually just look for em at thrift stores.
  14. erisACAB

    To the two guitar playing punk kids in VT, you left your backpack on my porch.

    Maybe try posting on some of the facebook groups for travelers if you're on them?
  15. erisACAB

    PunkOiSka gone for good?

    Just got my first computer in a couple years and I'm realizing one for my favorite forums for chatting and finding obscure music is gone or moved. I know theres punktorrents and anarchopunk but I was always more active on punkoiska and had better luck with requests there. Any of y'all have any...

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