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  1. NewMexicoJim

    New Mexico Bliss in the Gila Wilderness

    I have just returned from two weeks in the wilderness to see the world on fire. Guess I'll be heading back soon as people all around are acting weird, angry and fearful. The Gila National Forest is immense. One hundred miles across from any direction, there is isolation in abundance. I left...
  2. NewMexicoJim

    Photos Seeking isolation in New Mexico

    Once the exclusive realm of the Apache, the San Mateo Mountains northwest of Truth or Consequences New Mexico rise in solitary splendor and are managed by the U.S. Forest Service as part of the greater Cibola National Forest. Vick's Peak rises to just over 10,000 ft at the south end of the 40...
  3. NewMexicoJim

    $40/mo phone plan, truly unlimited data, with Visible (Verizon)

    Visible offers unlimited calls, text and data with no data restrictions for $40/mo including tax and fees. It uses Verizon network so coverage is great. I used 23 gigs last month. Customer service is online only. My first Sim card didn't work but they sent a new one which did. Great value for...
  4. NewMexicoJim

    Making/saving money on the road

    I have begun my rubbertramp odyssey as a volunteer for federal land management agencies. It doesn't pay but you can get free hookups and sometimes a stipend for expenses. You can work in some of the most beautiful places in this country. Commitments range from 2 months to permanent. check out...
  5. NewMexicoJim

    Nomad rubbertramp ready for the road

    Hello everyone. Having lived and worked from TX, AZ, OR, AK, NM I am now retired and ready to be a rubbertramp nomad. I'm looking for a traveling companion, company, riders, road dawgs to help and be helped. About me: 62yo gay male, skilled, experienced, wilderness camper, ready for the road...

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