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  1. trashswag86

    Footware: Waterproof AND breathable options.

    Ok, so I’ve most of my gear figured out, which wasn’t that hard for the most part, but I’ve gone back and forth on what footware would be best. I’ve got these nubuck Timberlands that I picked up from a thrift store for 30 bucks, and I *love* that classic look, but ultimately I’m not wanting to...
  2. trashswag86

    Wash Wash Wash clothes options

    1. Gives other fabrics the power of wool, for a week, basically. (Stinky particles don't attach to wool) 2. Another option I read in this forum is two drops of bleach in a zip lock bag of water, which sounds...
  3. trashswag86

    Bumming in Roseville....

    Long story short, I'm waiting out the colder months, wishing I had cold gear to get up to Portland. Totally broke, and no real way to make money other than sign flying, or god help me if I could get an under the table job. Was in the Bay for a minute, but had to get out. Crazy story. Religiously...

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