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  1. Detrivore

    West Galcier, Montana '08

    let me indulge in nostalgia. camped on BNSF property in west glacier and built this shitty raft to go down the flat head river. Planned up on ending up in flat head lake, where mel gibson has a house. I think we only made it a mile or two. pretty fun though. Wish i could track down these dudes.
  2. Detrivore

    WVO Veggie oil diesel

    hey, I tried searching for the subject but came up with nothing...surely people on here have fucted with waste oil diesel engines right? I read mattpist is working on a bus. I have worked on my friends converted suburban and owned a converted rabbit but have yet to do one from scratch. I...
  3. Detrivore

    Snohomish, Wa cuz?

    hey all, any NW moss punks? Moved to the woods outside snohomish,wa from Iowa City a bit ago. Living on 5 acres with 4 chickens and greenhouse trying to grow wormwood, tobacco, and cubensis. Not sure about the isolation but westcoast is a much better bioregion than iowa. getting free this...

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