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  1. shannanagans

    feeling pretty trapped and just trying to expand what i know

    tampa is a bit of a hike from where i am and two weeks is pretty soon, i’m trying to get my studies for the next month or two out of the way first but thank you! hope you have an awesome and fulfilling journey!
  2. shannanagans

    Your favorite books?

    ‘fear and loathing in las vegas’, as wild as it is, really sparked my interest in living life as freely as possible; and a book written by a distant cousin of mine named ed morris called ‘born to lose’ about the realities of life as a neglected child, the prison and foster care systems and how...
  3. shannanagans

    feeling pretty trapped and just trying to expand what i know

    i’ve never really felt comfortable staying in the same place for too long but never had the funds to get very far. i remember traveling to some areas of the west coast of the u.s. as a kid but not enough to learn from the experience and i’ve spent a good portion of my life house hopping but...

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