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  1. Myechtatel


    So my girlfriend and I really wanted to build a cabin this winter but it seems like with the price of land it would be a better idea to get a sailboat. I've heard of travelers getting sailboats and sailing the coasts because it's very cheap living. Has anyone done this, know anyone that's done...
  2. Myechtatel

    Crust Punk

    So I'm trying to get to the bottom of this phenomenon. Why does it exist? What purpose does it serve? Where did it come from and why is it so bad? Haha, basically folks, I'm wondering if people really sit down and listen to crust punk like they would with music. I say that because I don't...
  3. Myechtatel

    New Orleans

    So I've heard a lot of bad stuff about cops in New Orleans. Basically that they can do whatever they want because they don't have to answer to anyone. For example, you can get arrested for "molesting a cheeseburger" by taking the pickles off a cheeseburger. But on the other hand it seems to be a...
  4. Myechtatel


    Has anyone seen or heard of the ingenious shelters? Hexayurt Project - incredibly cheap shelter for those in need It's a yurt type structure made from insulation and heavy duty tape. They've been gaining popularity at Burning Man and in disaster relief because of their cheap price, easy set...
  5. Myechtatel

    Weirdest thing you carry

    What's the weirdest thing you carry around with you when traveling? Mine's probably 2 giant bags of tea and sugar(gotta have my tea) or a bottle of hot sauce(gotta have my hot sauce).
  6. Myechtatel

    Long Term Forest Shelter

    So my girlfriend and I are stuck in South Kissimmee aka Poinciana, FL for a couple weeks. We've decided to do something with our time and we came up with this project. There are tons of woods around here so we scouted out a good spot and we want to build a badass camp. It will most likely be two...
  7. Myechtatel

    Brad Warner - Hardcore Zen

    Has anyone read any of Brad Warner's books? He played bass for Zero Defex in Akron back in the 80's and grew up to be a 'zen master'. I got into buddhism a few years back but couldn't understand a word of the books I was trying to read. Being in a punk band myself I saw the book Hardcore Zen and...
  8. Myechtatel

    "yuppie" tents

    I couldn't find a thread specific to backpacking/hiking tents. I was just wondering how many other travelers use backpacking tents. I know hiking brand backpacks are becoming much more popular and it's easy to see why. They've become a lot cheaper and are much more comfortable than anything the...
  9. Myechtatel

    $ Rockledge, FL $

    So my girlfriend and I have been traveling around Florida for a few months. We set out to go t Coca Beach because we heard it was a good place to busk and fly a sign. We're trying to raise money for a new guitar and ukulele. Anyway, we got to the beach and realized there was virtually nowhere to...
  10. Myechtatel


    Hello, I'm Olive. I just started traveling with my girlfriend and dog. A couple months ago we took a greyhound(never doing that again!) to Atlanta and hitched to Athens, Ga. We stayed there for a while, met lots of travelers and learned the ropes. We eventually made it to North Carolina and then...

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