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  1. fetidnotfaded


    ya ah teeh! hope yall are doing well! winter is here on our reservation, its getting colder everyday and as much as i want to complain about winter chores there are always people i run into who would be happy to build fires, chop/haul wood, clean up roads to make them driveable. that being said...
  2. fetidnotfaded

    az to bay area

    hey all! so ive been going back n forth from az to oakland for a few years now and decided i like oakland. mostly for the shows and graffiti. i mostly been getting there hitch hiking but id like to get there a different way. if yall got any useful suggestions, especially first hand experiences...
  3. fetidnotfaded

    daily interactions

    i had a really sobering interaction the other day that i cant stop thinking about. i was killing time in a border town in NM (if ya dont know, border towns are spots just on another side of a Native indian reservation) while two of my homies were getting traditional midwife trainings. theres a...
  4. fetidnotfaded

    hell/mizmor tour

    hey! are any of yall going to see hell n mizmor play in late sept? im asking specifically about their seattle, oakland, n la dates. im trying to go (the actual destination is up in the air atm) and am curious is all. thx!
  5. fetidnotfaded


    ya ah teeh (greetings) from the southwest/4 corners! ive lurked this site enough times now and i figure it probably wouldnt be a bad idea to start interacting on the threads i like to read here. i love reading, skateboarding, and finding new music to listen to. i have anti capitalist politics...

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