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    Back in Slab City, it's great even during the summer.

    Back in Slab City, it's great even during the summer.
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    Return to Pemako

    Farmers and land owners probably won't be too happy to find you crossing their land, and most probably won't speak English, so I'd be careful. Hope it doesn't turn into a sequel to "into the wild" sounds like a fun trip, though I imagine you will find some real hardships and probably alter your...
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    bow v.s. cross bow

    I would think that an arrow would have more mass thus more kinetic energy so would hit harder then a bolt.
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    Slab City! a.k.a. Niland, CA

    yeah, bring a tent if you want one, it rarely rains though and you can sleep outside with no roof probably more comfortable then in a tent (and you can see your surroundings at night). Be able to feed yourself and provide your own alcohol or tobacco or whatever, there is a 1 dollar bus ride that...
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    Ever get tired/bored of traveling?

    You sound like you just need to find you a familiar place that you love to stay for a couple months out of the year.
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    sustaining health while being vegan/veg

    yeah, I've found people that speak to their teeth (or through their teeth) to be quite reliable scientifically speaking.
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    sustaining health while being vegan/veg

    can't go wrong with beans and rice, but seriously if you are having trouble finding veggies all you have to do is dumpster dive. I get decently fresh bagged salads, fruits and other vegetables almost daily in a dumpster near the park I'm living in. If you are having trouble getting enough food...
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    anyone out there?

    Hey, you be safe, welcome to the board. Don't just look for anyone leaving out of where you are. If you are in a decent position right now take your time finding your traveling people, they will come.
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    Freedom loving capitalists angry they have to pay for rainwater

    They've been chopping up peoples edible gardens too.
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    Heading back to the slabs on the 10th of August.

    Heading back to the slabs on the 10th of August.
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    Guy from MN

    lol, read this when he first posted it, It was obviously a bit awkward, but the "I like rocks" part had me. Some of us are just socially awkard, which is probably the case with him. Best of luck to you in your travels man, welcome to the board.
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    Electro Gypsy, The name says it all

    Yeah agreed, expect roughly a 95% ratio of douchebags. 20% will seem cool but you will later find out they are douchebags too. Good luck in your travels.
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    People who beat their dogs

    Have to be very careful getting into fights with people who live the lifestyles some of us may live. You never know what diseases that guy kicking his dog might have, and you might get from getting his face and your knuckles bloody or vice versa, I'm just saying...
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    DIY Kicking Heroin

    google iboga/ibogaine
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    People who beat their dogs

    Meh, I've come across people that beat their dogs, but for everyone one like him there are a million other dogs getting beat somewhere else. There is nothing you can really do. It's their dog, though they treat it like I've realized I can only give my dog the best life him and myself can...
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    Lrg alice for medium?

    Can get one for like 15-20 bucks on ebay, if yours is in decent shape one of the military surplus stores might trade you a medium for a large, or could try a swap on craigslist.
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    dog off leash rant

    Lol, mine got skunked last night, probably better then meeting a porcupine though.
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    Nederland, CO

    Yeah, I'm on my way to Nederland, I'm a bit bored here in Fort Collins, I've been living in a park here since mid April, will probably stay there for a month or two then try to head back to Slab City.
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    Aristotle said that if a city-state reached more then a 50,000 population, freedoms would be lost. I like the city-state idea, masses of people are easily manipulated into wanting things that are not in their best interest, it would be much better to have a smaller populace, you would most...
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    What classifies someone as a "slut"?

    Meh, quit calling women sluts, it's counter productive, people call women sluts then women don't put out for fear of begin called a slut.
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    Starting a collective

    grats, glad to see someone is making their dreams a reality.
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    dog off leash rant

    agree about dogs on a leash, as my dog could probably eat most dogs, but I'd hate to imagine what I would do to someone if they so much as kicked my dog. Though like you guys, I'd kick the helll out of a dog that went after me or my dog.
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    Nederland, CO

    yeah, nederland sounds nice, I've been reading a lot of stuff that says the police are really cracking down on people living in the woods, as well as locals coming and shooting guns/running atvs over their tents to scare them off? Thinking of heading there for the next month or two, but don't...
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    Featured Photos Video An Introduction To East Jesus

    cyanide and Jeff, they ripped a lot of people off shortly after I arrived. Doubt I met you while there, I hung out at A camp and lived in the wash behind edge road.
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    Slab City! a.k.a. Niland, CA

    A few people there have chickens, Moth does, and Frank the guy that runs the internet cafe have them. As for the tanks, yeah you will need to make a ladder that will get over them, I lived in one for a couple weeks and climbing it with a rope carrying gear gets old quick, I broke a 16lb sledge...
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    Traveling Dogs.. Breeds?

    I've got a ridgeless Rhodesian Ridgeback that is an incredible dog, they were bred to hunt lions and other big game in S Africa. They are very friendly, protective, loyal dogs, that are good with children. They are very muscular like a pitbull but only get about 85 lbs. They can keep up with...
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    rip casey

    Yeah, I had met her in the Slabs as well, she had a very large headed pitbull. She was in Ocean Beach before the slabs if that helps anyone out with knowing if it's the Casey you knew or not.
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    Featured Photos Video An Introduction To East Jesus

    Nice pics, I was there in the slabs from early Nov. to mid April. Didn't get to see EJ though, went up there once when I first got there but was unknowingly with 2 of the biggest douchebags in the slabs and they said they were really busy and wouldn't let us in. Haven't heard anything bad...
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    Overcoming SSRI and benzo withdrawal

    If you somehow get to Canada or Mexico, Iboga gets most people off pretty much any addiction.
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    cheap living in south america?

    They have a newish rule that you have to leave for 3 months now after being there for 6 months, but you can always just got to Nepal or somewhere for those three months then get another visa for India, Nepal is probably my favorite place I've been before.
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    cheap living in south america?

    Yeah, I'd have to second the Uruguay suggestion.
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    Charged with a felony and now have no life

    As long as you are not on probation or have something pending you should be able to get a passport. I wouldn't go to Mexico if I were you w/o a passport, if you think we are hard on illegal immigrants google what Mexico does to theirs.
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    News & Blogs One of you lose a puppy?
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    Help picking an extra-tall sleeping bag?

    I'd go check out a military surplus store and check out the 3-4 piece modular sleeping bags.
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    17 and homeless for about 2 months now... any tips?

    Definitely head south, one of nights up there outdoors could be enough to freeze you to death, bums end up frozen to death a lot more then you hear about. Not sure if you plan on being homeless for a while or you are wanting to get a job and place to live, or travel around or what, but try to...
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    Hello from England.

    Welcome, good luck on your quest for NYC, and potatoes are the shit.
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    European in America (staying over 2 months)

    lol man, they have the same issues in the UK that we do here regarding immigration and I've met many on my travels abroad that feel like you do about them coming there, Personally I don't mind immigration, I just don't like the government giving incentives for people to come here illegally, but...
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    European in America (staying over 2 months)

    Unless you are driving you don't have to show an ID to police even if they ask, unless they suspect you of a crime. It's not a requirement to carry an ID on you unless driving, may be different for people visiting on a visa, but even if you have an accent, they can't legally ask you if you are...
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    Earthbag construction at slab city? You can make really complex cool ones, but I want to just make 4 walls...
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    Earthbag construction at slab city?

    Sounds good, as long as weed isn't one of the drugs you are referring to.
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    What the fuck are you doing for Halloween 2011?

    Not too much, just making my last preparations before I head off to the slabs the day after Halloween.
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    living out of your car

    Yeah, I agree with dolittle, I'd look on the vandwelling forums. I've wanted to get one of those white work vans and convert it into a stealth camper for a while now. You can get one of those, build a bed in it, put a small stove, some batteries that the alternator charges, and whatever else...
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    Earthbag construction at slab city?

    I've been reading a lot about Slab city lately and it sounds like a pretty cool place. I don't know if you guys have heard about earthbag houses before but they are basically houses made out of filling up bags with dirt or sand, often in the shape of a dome. You can build them dirt cheap, a...
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    How to return to the US..

    I got stranded in Laos broke hadn't eaten anything but fruits from trees for about 2 weeks, with no way back I had to go to the US embassy, they won't help you out unless you are destitute. They will make you call your family, I have none since I was a foster child and I didn't have any contact...
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    Key West

    Worst place to be IMO, I spent about 7 months there homeless, I've never been bothered by police so much in my life. You can't even walk down the street without getting harassed by them. They do have a homeless shelter called kotts there with hot showers, It kind of sucks though you have to be...
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    Hey guys, I've came across this website a few times in the last couple years and finally decided to join. I'm a 28 year old male, originally from PA, in Colorado right now. I've never hitchhiked or stowed away on a train yet, but spent about 7 months homeless in the FL keys after I got out of...
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    Contemplating hitting the road again

    Contemplating hitting the road again

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