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  1. erisACAB

    Homeless to Homesteader. Anyone here successfully make the transition?

    After years and years of traveling I'm finally at a point where I'm (kinda) ready to settle down and get a small piece of property. Hoping by the end of this year my partner and I will be able to afford to buy a few acres somewhere. A home base where we can still take off and travel a bit when...
  2. erisACAB

    Music swap/File Sharing

    Trying to find the best way to share music among friends and acquaintances. At the moment I have an extra Dropbox account I've made, that I've been passing the login around to my friends with large collections of music, so they can take and leave whatever music they'd want to share. It's working...
  3. erisACAB

    PunkOiSka gone for good?

    Just got my first computer in a couple years and I'm realizing one for my favorite forums for chatting and finding obscure music is gone or moved. I know theres punktorrents and anarchopunk but I was always more active on punkoiska and had better luck with requests there. Any of y'all have any...

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